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This Place is extremely expensive…If you bring your dog here make sure that you have $1700 to spend. .They will not admit your dog until you sign that dotted line.. I had a dog I bring there…Sign to pay $1700.00 then two hours later just to find out that we have to put her down.. So we basically paid them $1700.00 to put our Dog to sleep…What sad is they are the only one here in Pensacola…So they can charge as much as they want especially when your desperate and worried about your pet, you pay the money:(:(: –Rosita S

Completely insensitive staff. Cat had to be put down after my 1600 dollar deposit was used on care. I received a call about cat at 2am on Saturday morning and cat has to be put down. At 8 am, I received a call stating I can get cat’s ashes and I had a 180 dollar balance. I asked if I could come in on monday to pay balance and get ashes, I was told yes. Five minutes later, I received another call saying I needed to pay my balance, monday wasn’t an option… –Helena W

Don’t ever take your pet here!! I have never meet such heartless people before in my life. Take advantage of my sister when she brings her pet in and would not even touch my pet when we where in a horrible car wreck –Jo’el N

Animal killers!! Do not take ur animals here!! Don’t deserve one star I had to put it there so I could post this!! –Wesley W


This place only cares about money and puts the comfort of your pet as a last priority.

We brought our dog in and were told that what was wrong with her could only be fixed with surgery. They tried a bunch of scare tactics to try and get us to put over $4000 for a deposit. They kept her overnight to “monitor” her and when we told them we were going to go to our normal vet, they basically left her in a cage and forgot about her.

When we went to pick her up, we had to wait over 3 hours to even see our dog and the staff was incredibly rude and short when we tried to get information to bring to our trusted vet.

This place is a disgrace to veterinarians, it should be shut down and its staff should lose their licenses forever. –Brent W

Do not take your pets to the Veterinary Emergency Referral Center located at 4800 N Davis Hwy in Pensacola. They do not care about your pets well being but they will charge you for services never given.
We waited in an exam room for 3 hours, even after calling ahead to make sure we could be seen. The nurses were unable to take vitals because my cat was stressed. The vet spent less than 5 minutes speaking to us and even less time “examining” Quincey.
Vet came back with a treatment plan to sedate my kitty and run blood work, X-rays, IV drip, and anti-nausea medication totaling $793.
After rejecting that idea the nurse comes in with a new plan. They wanted to give him fluids via IV, anti-nausea medication, and hairball medication, totaling $239.
They had no idea what was wrong with Quincey and spent a total of 6 minutes with him before coming up with these “treatments”.
So we decide to leave, but get hit with a $90 bill. The vet had no explanation as to WHY we need to pay this amount. No services were given or treatments preformed. The nurses admit that they were unable to provide care for my baby.
We paid $90 to sit in a room. –Lindsay A

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