Dear Pet Owner,

After a series of emotionally horrific and financially devastating experiences with Veterinary Emergency Referral Center owned by Dr. David Bordelon, I discovered that I was far from alone in my experience with his clinic.

I have published this site to let the pet owners of Pensacola know there are other options for after hours, emergency, and specialty veterinary care. There is more than one option for specialty and emergency pet care other than “the only game in town”, no matter what the staff at VERC may say.

For the sake of you and your pet, I implore you to visit an alternative clinic(several listed below). Had I avoided Veterinary Emergency Referral Center I would have saved time, money and most likely and importantly my precious pet’s life. After considering these HUNDREDS of unedited, independent reviews compiled from Google, Vetratingz, Yelp and Facebook I believe you will agree.

Please visit one of the alternative clinics listed on this site and ask your primary veterinarian to stop recommending VERC for emergency and specialty care. Please browse the hundreds of reviews on this site and do your own research before entrusting Dr. David Bordelon’s clinic with your pet’s life.

UPDATE: There are now documented reports that the Veterinary Emergency Referral Center is contacting individuals, directly or through the police department, that have posted negative reviews and are threatening them with police or civil legal action if they do not remove their social media posting or review (example here). If you have been contacted by a representative of the Veterinary Emergency Referral Center and were threatened or harassed for posting on social media or posting an online review of your experience with their clinic, please follow this link, (shown in the upper right of this page) and file a complaint with the state board which oversees their licensing and detail your experience. Please also post a followup to your review online and let the public know the details if you were threatened or harassed by the Veterinary Emergency Referral Center over your online review or social media posting. The pet owners of Pensacola needs to know about these instances when determining where to seek help for the care of their precious animal.

Do not let these intimidation tactics silence your voice as you are the only one that can speak out for your pet. Please continue to post your honest reviews of the Veterinary Emergency Referral Center in Pensacola, Florida owned by Dr. David Bordelon.

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