Have you and your pet been harmed by the Veterinary Emergency Referral Center owned by Dr. David Bordelon? Have you been threatened with the police or legal action by a representative from the Veterinary Emergency Referral Center ´╗┐because of an online review you have posted? If so, do not hesitate to file a complaint with Florida’s Veterinarian Board through the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation by visiting this link:

(click ‘File A Complaint’ under the Public Services heading)

The quickest method is to file your complaint online using the link above. If you need assistance you can also call to talk to a complaint specialist. Their job is to help you through the process. between the hours of 8:00am – 5:00pm Monday thru Friday, please call the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation Customer Contact Center at (850) 487-1395 and ask for assistance in filing a complaint against a veterinarian.

What Happens When a Complaint Is Filed Against a Vet

The Board, following a decision, can choose to do the following:

-The Board may institute a cease-and-desist order to the vet (not the practice). A cease-and-desist is a temporary injunction that suspends the vet’s activity until a trial can be held to determine whether they can continue practicing veterinary medicine. After the trial, the court could decide to issue a permanent injunction.
-The vet may be fined.
-The vet’s records may be reviewed for the subsequent year.
-The Board may encourage the vet to reimburse you (including travel expenses or expenses for corrective care or surgeries). Unfortunately, they cannot mandate the payment.

Signs of a Bad Veterinarian

If your pets are treated by a veterinarian, I am assuming you pay good money for preventative care, as well as medical and health appointments and surgery. If you have a bad experience, you may discuss the bad quality of service with your veterinarian in person, in writing, or on the phone. These bad experiences can include anything from realizing your dog or cat is in pain or having an allergic reaction to medicine to not healing properly after a surgery.

Here are some of the signs that a vet may need to be reported:

-They may become disgruntled or challenge your statements of concern.
-They don’t ask how your pet is feeling after you complain about a complication. If this happens, you will instantly know that they are putting their own needs ahead of your pet’s needs.
-They have poor bedside manner.
-They display unprofessional conduct.
-They provide substandard care.
-They threaten you with the police or legal action for questioning their conduct.
-They knowingly and willfully perform or recommend unnecessary procedures/treatments for their own financial gain.


If you have a complaint against your veterinarian, please do not wait. Each state has their own rule regarding the statute of limitations (a certain time limit after the vet appointment within you can file a complaint). I highly encourage you to use the online form to file a complaint or call the number listed above.

You are not only helping yourself and your pets, but you are helping protect your community members from being ripped off by unethical vets. You are also protecting other animals from injury, additional medical complications, being prescribed improper medications, defective surgeries, future health issues, and bad medical appointment experiences.

I hope this information proves helpful to you and your pet! You are now empowered to help others by sharing this information so you can protect your community from bad veterniarian practices.

(Thanks to for providing the resources and data for this article.)

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