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When there are serious problems like the ones listed in these Google reviews in any professional organization, the problem usually starts at the top and works its way down the chain of command. I can agree with ALL of the ONE STAR REVIEWS after several first-hand interactions with the owner, Dr. David Bordelon and his senior staff at the Veterinary Emergency Referral Center in Pensacola. Like everyone else in these reviews I thought they were the only option and provided them with thousands of dollars worth of business recently with disastrous results, not only for my pet but for my pocketbook as well. Having been recommended to the facility by my veterinarian I did not do my due diligence and blindly trusted their recommendation. Had I simply read the reviews about the owner, his operation, and the underhanded tactics of the facility, I would have avoided this place completely and things would be very different now for me and my pet. Dr. David Bordelon personally disgusts me and I believe he should have his license to practice taken away for what he and his staff have done to my animal. I may not be a veterinarian, but I am an Aerospace Engineer (a.k.a. Rocket Scientist) with years of technical training, and I can wholeheartedly state it is my opinion that Dr. David Bordelon and his staff should be shut down completely for permanently crippling my pet. –James M

First, I want to start out by saying I am a Physician. Normally, would not make such a statement as I do not think I should be treated differently or any such thing. I am only making that remark on behalf of me writing this review. I also was not going to write this review at all because I do not like to talk about other professionals in this manner however I feel that my experience renders some kind of complaint and then after speaking with a close friend of mine whom is also my physician intern and neighbor. We both brought our pets to this facility at different times and the experience was absolutely ghastly. I had a female cat that was injured by a vehicle in front of my house. Long story short I had her rescued and treated and she became mine. Found out 2 weeks later she was also pregnant and opted on not having her spayed until after she gave birth. While I was working she decided to have kittens so my fiance took her to the only vet that unfortunately was open because he said “I think she has a stillborn kitten attached to her”. Long story short. She had a prolapsed uterus. The treatment was horribly before and after I arrived to this clinic. I saw the vet (she was blonde) all of maybe 1 minute and she ran out the door to “come up with my plan” which was a bill for nearly $3000.00 and quickly said the only other option was to have her put to sleep. Yes, they really told me this. By this time, my kitty had been there for 4 hours with no fluids, no treatment or anything. After the care I received and after I realized what this place is truly about I opted to not give them my money and take her to my own vet who was opening in 4 hours. Let me first say, yes I did have the money, yes I would and have many times in the past forked out thousands on my pets but when I realized that this place was really that greedy I had no respect and did not trust my pet to have any surgery by that woman or any of the people in there. Now mind you, being a physician I had enough knowledge to know the status of my cat and that my only option was NOT to have her euthanized These people should be ashamed of theirselves and I can only imagine how many healthy animals that have been put to sleep under their direction. It is actually disgusting to really think about it. She actually went to my regular vet that morning (4 hours later) and had surgery for 150 dollars. Yes, the bill went from 3000 dollar or she needs to be euthanized to $150 and she went home with me that day. This place really should be shut down. So, NO we has (your patients owners) do not request a free bill. Most of us understand that you do not work for free. We understand it cost money to run a business. We understand you are an emergency vet and that you will be expectantly higher. However, we understand from the moment we walk in the door what kind of business you are. You can say in your own reviews that your treatments are relatively the same price as any other Vet. However, what everyone needs to realize is how they approach their “treatment plan”. When you cant tell me anything about my sick pet but you recommend doing a test that has absolutely nothing to do with treating my pet instead of trying to find out what is wrong with my pet. Or you do not even examine my pet but yet you want to immediately do an xray. Most of us obviously do not come to you as a normal caretaker for our pets so no we do not want you to run all kinds of tests that are not necessary for that visit. I will quit complaining but after speaking to my friend about her visit I am absolutely disgusted with that clinic. One day the wrong person will come along and sue this company and maybe they will think twice about how they treat their clients and I can only imagine how many they have euthanized. Had I not been a physician and had knowledge in this regard I would not be sitting here writing this with my kitty in my lap. –Amy M

Which bad experience should I start with?

The only times I have ever been are when my regular vet is closed and it has been an emergency because it is the only place.

As everyone else has said, MONEY HUNGRY and no compassion!!!

My final straw was when I was there to see an eye specialist who comes every other weekend for my French bulldogs eye that my regular vet thought had melanoma. She has no passed, but at the time she was a very sweet geriatric dog and did not like all the probing in her eye and moved her head. They vet tech started screaming at her!!! It was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. While waiting for the ophthalmologist, I heard a dog in back crying and another vet tech or vet was screaming at that dog to shut up. They have no bedside manners at all!

My current French bulldog needs surgery and I was recommended to go there. I politely declined, and I’m taking him to UF instead. I do not trust any of their specialists and will travel anywhere in the US to avoid them getting their greedy hands on my furry family members.

If I could give 0 stars I would. I will never go back unless it’s an after hours emergency since they are a monopoly. Very sad this is all Pensacola has to offer. –Christina P

I took my dog in the middle of the night hoping to reduce his suffering. He was struggling to breathe. I knew he was dying.
They separated me from him & got busy charging my credit card.
I was told an x-ray was needed to confirm congestive heart failure. Which of course meant another charge on the credit card. Payment then services.
When I cried to see him {he had extreme separation anxiety} they said I couldn’t until they ran my card the 2nd time.
I sat alone in a room while he laid alone on a cold metal rack, dying.
As the money taker took my plastic a vet confirmed the diagnosis. He told me I could spend thousands on keeping him alive a month or 2 or end his suffering.
I was STILL not allowed to see him.
I agreed to let him go so of course they needed my credit card again. Once I paid, again, they’d let me see him. As I sat alone sobbing they burst in saying he’d ‘taken a turn for the worst’. ‘Come quic’k she said as she took me through the doors just a few feet to him.
He was clearly in pain, scared & dying. I hugged and kissed him telling him how sorry I was that he was alone. I told him he was the best boy & I loved him so much.
In the minute or two I was with him they rushed to give him the shot before he could die on his own.
I’m sure they were worried they’d have to refund the charge if he died too quick.
I’d give anything to go back to that night. Accept his imminent death & let him do so in peace at home, in my arms.
Please don’t take your pet there. –Shellie H

All I can say is they take your pet and you can’t be with them. While in the waiting room I saw a large dog collapse after the family said he couldn’t walk and she made him try to stand and walk and he collapsed. Another dog who needed a gerny the parents said and they insisted he be on his feet. The payment is equal or more important than your pet. Everyone is asked over and over Did you pay, did you finish the papers? One lady was finished when I got there just as their system went down. She was a total hostage for at least 2 hours. She offered credit card info and check. As for me, my kitty was very old and was about to cross the golden bridge. I would have loved to be holding her the three hour wait but wasn’t allowed. When the time came they said only a tiny Iv and then we will Bring her to you to love on. I could hear her screaming for over ten minutes. I kept knocking the door to the back where she was saying you said this wouldn’t hurt she is being traumatized. At that point I learned she had been given a sedative. When I got her she was already spacey and looking almost dying. Her little eyes. Exactly what I hoped would be painfree ended up with fear and pain as her last memory. I could have held her those 3 hours and if I had been in the room I would have insisted on something for her anxiety with the IV. She was so dehydrated.
I was asked between every process to make sure I did the bill. I did it before they brought her to me and as they walked in I was asked did you take care of the bill. Walking out of that room I was asked again Did you do you paperwork and bill? I said to two people yes I paid the bill. One young lady walked me to the car for which I am Thankful. I had been crying since 6:30 and got out just after 10. Oh how I wish I had taken kitty and just left and waited for my vet. –Sisterbama

Our puppy died because we didn’t have another 5-7 thousand dollars as a down payment for treatment. Thank you for making a horrific situation even worse. I will be sure to tell every single person I know of your kindness. I’m not really sure how y’all can look in the mirror. –Emily T

THE WORST PLACE POSSIBLE. Overcharged. Unauthorized treatment. Sold my credit card info.

Gave my dog back smelling like pee and in worse shape then when dropped off and won’t refund the excess money they charged . –Britani A

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