Veterinary Emergency Referral Center Reviews Page 11

Absolutely horrendous . Called ahead , brought my dog with a dislocated hip and knee … 2.5 hours and no one even saw us or took X-rays. -Brittany R

Refused to treat my rat, who only needed antibiotics for a respiratory illness on a holiday weekend. I had peer reviewed sources, which detailed the medication and dosage needed. They refused. Pet died before the end of the holiday. INEXCUSABLE! –Michael J

You would think they would have nicer equipment for the price you pay. $1000 later they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my dog. Not only that but it took 7hrs after I left for them to fax the documents to my normal vet. Are you kidding? It’s a scam at the bare minimum. Crooks run the place I’m sure. –Pi G

Dr. Acosta’s bed-side manner is deplorable. Her snide, passive aggressive remarks made my experience there most unpleasant. Too bad VERC is the only after hrs emergency vet in Pensacola. If I ever have to see an after hrs vet again I’ll drive to Mobile if I can. The people @ Rehm were far nicer. –Polly A

Waited 2 1/2 hours never saw a vet. Avoid this place if you can. –George A

This was the second time I have been there and received poor service. These guys charge an exorbitant amount of money because they are the only game in town on a weekend. Be careful and bargain with them. They throw a ton of extra charges for things that your pet does not need. Good luck –Stephen B

We will never go back. They care more about getting their money first then saving your dog. Extremely over priced for services also. –Shannon T

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