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I hated this place! They tried to say my dog had congestive heart failure and was going to have to fork out over $1000 and we couldn’t afford that. So we took her to her normal vet the next day and she only had a pinched nerve. SCAMMERS!! JUST WANT MONEY! –Heather O

I got home from work one day to notice that my cat had not ate all day, I kept an eye on him for a little bit and saw that he was having trouble breathing I looked up vets that were still open at that time of night and this is the one I found. We brought him in and told him the symptoms and they came up with a plan of action which included a chest x-ray and was a total cost of $444.00. I told them to do what they needed to do because he was my baby and I just wanted him to feel better. After the chest X-ray they brought me out to look at it. While looking at it I asked if the shadow was his heart and the vet said ” yes and it looks great” and there was no problems with his lungs or limbs. We went back into the room and he said he thought he had a blocked bladder but was able to release it, because I told him he had a history of this in the past. I also asked if he had a fever and he said no that his temp was low. They didn’t give him any medication and sent us home. The next morning he was eating a little bit so I thought he was doing better. The following day he couldn’t breathe at all and was crying out in pain, I grabbed him and the x-ray from the other night and rushed him to his regular vet. They took and look at the x-ray and then had 4 other vets look at it and all came back with the same DX they said he had an enlarged heart and it was plain as day. And she said he had no fever and it was low, I told her that is what the other vet said, she then said that was a sign of heart problems. They said there was nothing we could do and he was suffering so we had to put him down. I know if they had gotten the DX correct from the visit at this place it wouldn’t have made a difference things would have ended up the same but we might have been able to put him down to end his suffering. All they were worried about was getting there money from me and sending me on the way. When I took him to his vet they didn’t even charge me an office fee, they just wanted to do what they could do to help me and him. Please do not take your animals to this place they don’t care. –Connie M

Worst ever this place is just after money my dog had food poisining and they wanted 17 houndred dolors just to keep a 9 pound dog over night and check her blood presher twice and if they have to do anything more its a minimum charge of 200 dollors like really –Brian W

Beware. 0 out of 10

I took my sick and dying pet in to be put to sleep. The vet looked him over and said: “Well… He is sick.. We need to x-ray him. It is $150.. and we have a credit plan” then I was stared at for 20mins until I was able to choke back the tears and decided to have him put down. I was then told that it was going to be over $200 to do this.

Clearly this place is just out for money to pay off their fancy building and doesn’t care about it’s patients.

I’m not sure about the other vets, but the one I had was un-professional, inexperienced, and un-compassionate.

In closing, don’t let your loved one be extorted by this place. I would gladly drive to Mobile or even Tallahassee before I would even step foot back inside this place. –Matthew S

Horrible employees…rude. If I could give them a negative I would. –Taylor M

This Is the most inhumane, money hoarding, LYING, INEXPERIENCED, poor excuse of a veterinary office on the planet, PLEASE save your pet’s life and your wallet call Dr. Peterson at Cordova. –Sean C

Very Expensive and uninformative. — Len F

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