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Took 6 hours to clean what turned out to be an abcess. Very poor communication during the whole process. Was told someone was going to come out to talk to me about it while they were working on him but they didnt. Then, at discharge was told to get him to his vet first thing in the morning for surgery. Ridiculous. Started out wanting to charge 3 times the amount. Unless there’s been something traumatic and it’s life threatening, I will not bring any of my 4 pets back here. Not what a person wants to deal with when having a sick fur baby! –Cherie M

I brought my dog in earlier tonight, long story short she is sick all I know is she can’t keep water down and no movements in 2 days, so I call they say 90 dollars to see her…well times are tough I don’t have it but I get it and head that way. So after waiting an hr or so they come in and the Dr half ass looks her over then says we need to such and such and it’s gonna cost x amount… I say look, I cant afford the meds my daughter needs for her epilepsy so if you could help me out with some iv fluids and something to ease her stomach I’ll take her home and look in the morning. She hits me with an estimate of $347.00. Well I don’t have 347 bucks just laying around at 11pm. So basically they just let me sit there till I was good and mad and I left. So don’t bother going if you can’t pay the bill upfront.
Ps. I had to bury Abby this morning. –Cory N

My dog had a gash in his side that wasn’t bleeding but looked pretty serious. We brought him to VERC which I initially thought was great- nice, clean waiting room, friendly staff, took the dog back right away. Then we waited in an exam room and the vet came in and told us the laundry list of things they needed to do for his gash (which really just need stitches). The plan was going to cost us $1000! We told them that was outrageous and they reworked it down to $700 which still seemed really high. We ended up paying for an E collar and some meds and not actually having anything done. Not recommending this place- I think they could easily charge slightly higher than vet costs and people would pay that but the fact that they add all these extras without actually examining the dog in front of us and then “negotiate” it down seems heartless and obnoxious. 😡 –Panhandle C

STAY AWAY if at all possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were going to charge me $1175.00 for a bunch of b.s. charges when all my kitten needed was some pain meds, bandages, and antibiotics for a couple days. After I told them I wasn’t made of money and repeated (again) that I was taking him to my regular vet on Monday (I was there on a Saturday afternoon), I got out of there for $170.00. One of the b.s. charges was $70 for pain meds –
when I told them I only need pain meds for two days, they lied and said they could only dispense it in liquid form in a large bottle. When I told them I didn’t want it, they said they could give me two pills but I would have to cut them. I said, “Okay how much is that?” They said, “$11.00”, so I got those. What a bunch of scammers. The vet talked to me like a salesperson, not a doctor. They also told me my kitten’s leg would have to be amputated when the injury was only to his foot!! My regular vet (Safe Harbor) did NOT amputate his leg!!!! Thank God I didn’t believe those liars!!!!!!!!! –Meg V

Absolutely would give 0 stars if I could. Broke my kitten in there with suspected broken paw, and they from the get-go took their time. They wanted at least $1000 before they would even consider an x-ray. They didn’t look at him at all and didn’t even GUESS as to what was wrong with him. They in the end shortened our bill to $159, and didn’t give us anything, didn’t do anything for us. We payed them $159 to sit in one of their rooms for over 2 and a half hours, and worry about our pet. Avoid at all costs. Go to Scenic Hills Vet on Nine Mile road instead. They act like they actually CARE about your pet. –Cory D

Was a first time visit. Staff was thorough but vet didn’t have the best beside manners. Was rather crude –Lisa O

Worst experience I’ve ever had at a vet. Vet was mean, cold, and rough with my dying dog. Worrisome that this may be one of the only 24-hour vets in the city. They showed no compassion or class, and little dignity to my dying pet of 18 years old. Do not take your animal here if you can help it. –Sam H

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