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Wet spots on the floor not cleaned up…dog barking non stop. Not like at the vet I go to. –Jerry L

We were there for almost 4 hours and nothing was resolved and after waiting for an hour they didn’t know what we were there for. –Chad G

Nice facility, nice employees but it’s a business that promotes massive billing. I was so sad to begin with and they seem to know emotionally devastated people are willing to pay big-time. It almost felt like a big scam. Very disappointing. –Monica U

I have to say that they did save my little dog and I am very thankful.
I am how very upset with their costs and treatment when I got there. It took several hours before they had a care plan for my little dog and the deposit was 2,600 before they would give her a bandge or anything for pain. I left there at 4am in the morning and they were finally getting her something to cover up with and pain. If you ever do have to go there brace you’re self when you go to pick up your little buddy. They play on people’s emotions. –Crystal Z

Crazy expensive –Pensacola P

They do their job but are not at all personable and, in my opinion, rude and in it for the money. –Matthew R

As a skilled, ER TRAUMA NURSE, I’ve never seen such a lack of care, empathy, and negligence!

Whether you’re a dog, cat, or human the same standards of care apply.
A,B,C’s. Airway, breathing, circulation. BASIC, BASIC ..skills ALL medical staff are trained from beginning, utill end.

You don’t need to be a vet, or a tech to be able to see your pet is distressed, or sick or youd not be there right!

My dog was CLEARLY struggling to breathe, he was tachy (fast breathing) why atm wasn’t clear but he needed OXYGEN & quickly. He was also extremely dehydrated as he had projectile diarhea, and vomiting.

With my background & researching, I gathered he’d swallowed ocean water and was showing symptoms of toxicity, and possible indigestion of water to his lungs (ocean).

-I WAS CORRECT (Upated).

The tech stated she was taking my dog in the back to do his vitals.
Over 45 minutes later, where is my dog? I went to the front desk asking? I also asked if they were busy, I know the waiting area was empty, but I did see one other person with their dog in a room.
I was told, their not busy.

At this point after 30 more minutes I asked again where my dog was, the same original tech came back in my room without my dog, I said where is he, I assumed the vet and techs were working on him-that would be the NORMAL thing to do here, ISN’T THAT WHAT AN ER’S JOB IS, TO SAVE LIVES???]
She goes to tell me in a cage, no vet nobody has seen him yet, and tells me my dogs vitals are NORMAL!

Is this tech blind, hard of hearing, or just lazy and never took his vitals, because when I took his respirations they were well up into the 150 breathes per min!

I demanded the VET & NOW! And my dog back in my room! I told her to tell the vet my dog had obvious signs of respiratory distress and needed to be put on oxygen & IV therapy STAT!

The way it works is like this..if the tech isnt competent about the vitals (brutally importort) the patient can DIE. The Dr checks the patients chart & trusts the tech is qualified enough to take simplex vitals, if the vet sees there NORMAL the pet is triage to a lower level of care now because this lazy tech LIED on this pets chart- NEGLIGENCE

The vet walks in over and hour and thirty min later, ADMITS THE DOG.. I’m biting my tongue because it’s the ONLY PET ER in Pensacola!!!

So they WILL NOT TOUCH THE PET for treatment until thousands of dollars are paid UPFRONT!
IDK ANY ER anywhere that does this, meanwhile your dog is dying & they dont care- ZERO RESPECT, ZERO EMPATHY, ZERO STARS IF I COULD GIVE THEM!

You are also NOT ALLOWED TO SEE YOUR DOG, CALL TO FiND OUT HOW your dog is until 5 a.m! I’ve never seen such of a heartless place in my life of 35 years of working in the ER.

I later found out the person who vishiously attacked mw on the phone claiming she is a nurse, who stapled my dogs oxygen cannula to my sick dogs face is NOT A NURSE AT ALL,shes just another disqualification tech.

I will be contacting the STATE to file several complaints agaisnt this facility!

If you can avoid this place like the plaque, GO ELSEWHERE!
–Claire Y.

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