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This place needs to be your very last resort. Make sure there are absolutely no other vets open before taking your animal here. They know they can charge insane prices after hours, taking advantage of people with a sick animal with no where else to go. Obviously an emergency vet will be more expensive than your usual vet. But there is no reason for a visit that only consists of bloodwork and medication to be thousands of dollars. There are other vets in the area open fairly late in the evening 7 days a week. So unless it is truly an after hours emergency there are other options. Hopefully an alternative 24hr clinic opens soon in the area so this place can finally go out of business. Their website only shows 5 star reviews but it should tell you something that they were only able to find 31 5 star reviews from the past 2.5 years and almost 200 reviews currently on Google.
–Patty H.

SCAMMERS!!! If they think you have money, they’ll tell you a damn lie to get as much as they can. Make you and your pet suffer. GET A SECOND OPINION…
–James M.

My dog was hit by a car; We waited over 3 hours to get her sent back for an X-ray, over 5 hours for X-rays, blood test, and pain meds. I feel like the delays for the doctor to a initially see her and the initial x-ray were very excessive.
–Elizabeth D.

This center will NOT follow up after you have been released. Their one excuse is they are too busy but I spent MANY hours in there and can personally attest to the fact that they DO have time to follow up. I called for 3 days trying to get test results back I spent thousands on. Each morning they said someone will call back and each day no one does. Today I was given sob story by doctor saying she had to work overtime yesterday and therefore could not get back to me. Ridiculous…. u sign up for a job and you do it until it is done no matter how long it takes. She basically hung up in my face after I started to lose my temper. They are 24 hour but a necessary evil in my book. Once you are out the door you can forget about getting what you paid for. I would highly recommend going somewhere else if at all possible. I echo what all the other people on this site who one starred this place have said. Pensacola desperately needs an alternative to this totally unprofessional place.
–Kate H.

We found a severely dehydrated kitten and brought him in, after a long wait time -which is understandable, they were busy but the complete lack of communication is inexcusable. They ran about several tests and two hours later the kitten had yet to be given an IV or offered water. When we voiced our frustration the tech mumbled something about needing to get the doctor.
We were presented with a huge bill before anything to help the kitten was done, and when we questioned one of the items a new bill was presented. When the vet came in to discuss treatment with us we were offered a half hearted explanation about how they couldn’t put an IV in unless they could keep him overnight and wanted to test first. HOW ABOUT YOU HYDRATE THE KITTEN?!

The whole experience was extremely uncomfortable, unprofessional, and disorganized.
–Nicole B.

Waiting 2.5 hours before being seen aside, the staff was unorganized and unprofessional. During a phone call, with Dr. Corrigan, the morning after admitting my cat for a 106 temperature she proceeded to chastise me for asking too many questions about my pets healthcare and not trusting her medical choices. As a paying client and loving cat mom I believe I have every right to ask questions about my pet while it is in the care of a hospital.
Overall I did not feel than I nor my pet was of any priority to VERC, my experience left me with little faith in their competency as a veterinary emergency center.
In the future I will travel to Alabama for pet related emergencies rather than admit an animal to this clinic again.
–Don G.

If you are unlucky to get a male vet who works weekends there and who also wears orange or pink crocs–run !! Don’t say nothing..just grab your pet and run out as fast as you can. Go to Mobile Ala Emergency Vets after hours…Never…Never go to this one if the orange/pink croc wearing guy is there !
–Chris S.

Waited 4.5 hours and never got to see a doctor. Best the staff could tell me was “like 3 or 4” ahead of you. Waited 3 hrs before they acknowledged me. $90 minimum fee for this service???!! No. Hell, no! I’ll never step into this place again. Not the only game in town to treat people like this! Wasted an entire night.
–Carolyn S.

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