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Can I leave ZERO stars?!?! Dr. Bordelon is the least compassionate veterinarian in Florida!! The man cares more about his office visit fee than the life of my baby. He refused to talk with me over the phone about my vet’s ultrasound, relaying via his secretary that he’d never comment on another vet’s results. I guess he didn’t get the memo that he was the SECOND opinion (which we’ve waited 2 weeks for since he’s been on vacation). No, he wanted a $150 office visit fee before he even said so much as “hello”…despite the fact that I told him my husband is deployed, I’d have to miss a full day of work, and we’ve already spent thousands chasing her disease…his response…drop her off at my convenience for the $90 emergency fee PLUS his $150 fee. Are. You. Kidding. Me?!?! And that’s ONLY to look at her! Any other testing/procedures would be additional! Beware of this place!!! They do NOT care about the life of animals!! They only care about the money…. so very, very sad!!!!!
–A P.

Really rude staff and lack of compassion towards pet & the owner(s). Brought our dog in after being struck by a car. They will con you out of thousands of dollars during a time where you’re vulnerable. They told us our dog was in very critical condition, had brain swelling/bleeding, broken spine, severely broken jaw, and had chances where she would go into cardiac arrest. After almost $2,000.00 later, our dog was discharged hours later with no issues except for a scratched up nose. TOTAL SCAMMERS!!!! STAY AWAY!!!
–Sarah C.

Please….if it’s not an EMERGENCY, as in life or death….take your pet to your regular vet if possible. This place is 100% not worth it. Also, be prepared to wait 2 sometimes 3+ hours to be seen for your “emergency”. Such a nice establishment to be so sucky. They need more staff, a staff that has a sense of urgency, and a prayer because they rob you. $90 just to walk in the door and do an exam that you could do yourself. X RAYS are outrageous prices. They charge $200+, while my vet only charged $40. They’re also really nice to you until they see that your grumpy because of their inefficiency or you’ve been there 5 hours. Best of luck.
–Danelea K.

I called this place & explained that my dog was having a tooth issue. I was told to come in. $90 examination fee (that’s a lot) came around 8 o’clock & didn’t leave til about midnight. Was left in a semi dirty exam room that smelled of vomit. I was left in exam room so long I thought they forgot about me. I had to step out to make sure they didn’t forget I was there. They were under staffed. I was the second person waiting to be seen, but because there were more critical critters. I kept getting bumped. I understood this, but check in & inform the patient. Waited all that time just to be told to go back & see the regular vet because they didn’t have the dental machinery to do X-rays or equipment to do the surgery. Feel like they saw me just to get $90 from me. Well if they didn’t have the equipment to diagnose & treat my pup why didn’t you tell me before I called then. I could have waited at home. The techs were nice at least. Although one lied to me about a patient they were working on (they left I overheard the conversation in the other exam room).
–B H.

While a previous visit to this vet was good, the last visit was not the same. I know that care was delayed for my dog because Dr. Lindamood’s opinion was that I should euthanize my dog–regardless of my input, my pet’s previous illnesses, knowledge of drugs/treatments and simply knowing my personal pet. I understand anyone can have a bad day, Dr. Lindamood, but I’m not paying your clinic’s high prices to be told how to treat my pet. I felt totally disregarded.

Also, staff provided addresses for 2 local drug stores that were supposedly open in the area (wrong–they were closed.) They wrote the information on a piece of scrap paper from a stack on the counter… when I got in the car I realized the paper had client address/information on the back!!! A shredder isn’t that expensive.
–Kristi g.

Provider has THE worst bedside manner. Bursts through the door to tell me that my poor cat has congestive heart failure (a surprise to me), like she was making a happy announcement- surprise your cat has CHF! Her heart is enlarged 4 times its normal size- do you wanna see the x-rays and is smiling. She proceeds to tell me that my cat may die very causally, (ok, horrible but ok, I get it) and doesn’t tell me until much later the prognosis is poor. It was a circus. My poor cat in the meantime is suffering because the vet can’t seem to tell the complete information, so that I could make an informed decision regarding my poor cat. Horrible experience- they kept bringing up money- which was not an issue and really unimportant in the scheme of things- so much time wasted going over monetary issues when my poor 6 year old cat is dying and gasping for air. I hope that INEVER have to take an animal there again.
The techs were all very nice but kept having to go back to this rude vet in order to get clarification. Wasting more time, meanwhile my cat is still suffering.
I hope that anyone reading this did not have to go through the same thing that I did.
ultimately, I chose to euthanize, which was the best decision, I believe but not as timely as I would like or in the most caring environment.
–Donny D.

I agree with the other poor reviews of this place…. There is absolutely no empathy for an animal in distress and they are looking for the $$$. I took my 13 year old beagle there because they were the “Only” place open… And boy do they make you pay for it… My beagle had a suspected UTI which could wait until morning but if it was an obstruction in her bowel it could be deadly… So, she needed an X-Ray to be sure… The tech (who was very nice) made it clear that “Nothing would be done until I finished my payment method form”…. And I was put into a small examining room for an hour… No one showed up and there was only one other patient in the entire clinic…. While sitting in the room for so long I began texting my wife with zero updates cause NOTHING was being done…. So, I made good use of the time reading bad review after bad review about the ethics of this place (Not just on YELP!)… And I was astonished! I texted my wife that we are outta here… I grabbed my beautiful dog and quickly got out of this death trap. Thank you to all of the honest feedback about this horrible place…. I will NEVER be back.i need a vet to actually care…
–Louis C.

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