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Worst vet I have ever seen. If you care about your furry friends at all, don’t go there. They show no compassion at all and blatantly show how little they care about your pet. It’s as if you are annoying them by going there. How dare you interrupt their day……. Absolutely Pitiful –Chuck S

its only a last resort as they are definitely going to gouge you. highest prices I have ever seen at a vet clinic period!!! just a shot is 60 bucks and its 95 just to walk in the door. they charge for every little thing. 17 for a bandage. prices are er prices for sure! –Chris B

Do not! I mean do not under any circumstance bring your pet to this place! Aweful aweful people. My dog sat injured and bleeding and they told me she would be shave and her wounds treated while I went home to feed my other pets. I come back 2 hours later and they have not even touched her!!! Now they will not let me pick her up after I have paid them the entire bill and they did nothing. I called the police and they told me it was a civil matter. I am so mad and so frustrated with these people. They do not deserve to even be in the business of animal care!!! –Chris B

No, just so so know this is the ONLY ER that has so many bad reviews for poor care, high jacked up prices, and could care less about your pet, zero. I’m a trauma nurse ER and the medical care you get by the techs are a JOKE..

Oh trust me I’m reporting them as of tommorow! –Jacqueline D

There really needs to be a class action lawsuit against this place and their employees and have this place shut down. Its really just a scam and a disgrace to the veterinary community as a whole. –Chris B

If I could rate this place in the negatives I would. The absolute WORST SERVICE I have EVER HAD . Waited 4 hours while EVERY single person that came in before or after me went back and then when I did get put into a room still waited another 30 minutes for someone to STILL not even come and check on my dog. The staff must have NEVER been trained in customer service. Everyone was rude and unhelpful. I then left and called and was hung up on 11 times. Please just close down and learn how to treat your customers. You need extensive training in customer service. –Jessica R

If I could review it with the same review I would. My relative just took their very sick / old animal there and they acted like they hated their job and could care less if said animal lived or died.

We didn’t even stay to see anyone because of how fucking rude and disrespectful the staff is! –Taylor P


It’s not just their devices it’s there TECHS and fake nurses in the back.

As a ER nurse I’m going to do everything I can to find out what’s needed in order to get these people reported for their lack of, period! –Jacqueline D

it’s not just the management it’s the OWNER..He does not train his techs, allows his Dr’s to LIE claiming they have a nurse in the back when shes JUST ANOTHER TECH only in school as a student to be a nurse BIG, BIG DIFFERENCE!


No good –Christopher F

We have taken our much loved and cared for pets to this facility 3 times. When I called ahead each time to tell them what the emergency was and that we were on our way, the only response I got was, “Just to see the veterinarian will be $90”. The outcome from all three visits was very unsatisfactory. The first 2 visits resulted in us losing our sweet babies. The third visit, after waiting for over an hour and a half and not receiving any service or even seeing a veterinarian, we left. Unless your emergency is truly a life or death situation, I would advise seeing your regular veterinarian. –Beverly L

I agree! All they talk about when you go in is how much the deposit is😡😡😡 –Nancy S

$90 is way over what they are worth. –Edna B

I agree had same experience I took my baby home to risk bc they wouldn’t help me unless I did 700 $ exams plus further cost bc I didn’t have they basically Said well good luck tonight –Sarah J

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