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Why go back to this place of you know their a shit hole? I know their the only ones around. It we all know the waiting time in this dump is 1-2 hours a risk we all have to take getting our pets to a better place of better treatment.

Do. Ot take your oets to this place folks..

Sorry you had to deal with these scumbags –J

Horrible. They do not care about the well being of your animal, all they see is dollar signs. $$ –Jose S

People were alright, pricing not so much and some of it was padding. They told me that to start the aggressive treatment needed it would be 400 to 500 dollars and was not recommended. Chances of Parker survival of even hours was not good. He had cancer and it had spread and he had a possible stroke, so I decided to let him go, hardest thing I have ever done and they still charged almost 500, part of that was for a scan they did after I watched him pass. –Franklin C

We’d pay anything for proper care for our sweet boy Zeus….so nobody think cost is an issue. The issue was the arrogant VET, lack of empathy and leaving not even knowing what was wrong with our boy prier to being fixed earlier in the day! I beg you all to not go here unless absolutely necessary and if so do not leave your fur baby with them! –Kel W

Very disappointed in the service. Pretty disgusting when a DR. runs a 200 dollar test and you and another person already know what the result is going to be long before the test comes back. Yes we were correct and no it could could not come back any differently. Yet she acted as if it could. It was also recommended I do a cardiac work up on my dog to the tune of 746 dollars and supposedly there was between a 4/6 heart murmur. We spent 7 hours to have 15 minutes with an ER doctor not a cardiologist to be told my dog has dialated cardio myelopathy and the 2 minute test he ran on my dog did not provide him with information he needed since it is hard to get a reading in a 2 minute time period. My question is why run the test if chances are you will not find anything? He also threw out another possible condition that my dog might have but could not rule it out. So the next option was a holter monitor to the tune of 500 dollars that he could not read because he is not a cardiologist. Here is the sad part you can holter a dog for around $50 AND YES IT IS READ BY A CARDIOLOGIST. In his presentation never once did he mention the heart murmur that was the whole reason for the cardiac workup. Find that strange. When I asked the vet tech about him not mentioning the heart murmur and asked to speak to him again, she came back in to tell me he would call me the next day. Sad when you and your friend tell each other he won’t come back in the room. We were right and I had to call him the next morning. If you want to have your money taken this is the place. If you want to help your pets this is not the place. Never good when you have a Dr. that feels the need to argue but I guess when you are not doing things on the up and up this is the only response you can give. –Leslie D

While five states away , my brother’s dog experienced a life threatening illness. His neighbor was gracious enough to take his dog into this facility that was supposed to help my brother’s “best friend” – anyone that has love for their animal knows that they are our best friends and children. This is the last place you will ever want your animal to receive treatment or should I say lack of treatment until they get their money. The “treatment plan” these crooks came up with started at $3,000. Really?! and you can’t even tell what is wrong with the dog nor can you provide any reassurance that he will even survive the night?! HOW ABOUT STARTING WITH AN IV WITH FLUIDS TO HYDRATE THE DOG!!!! Even after the payment was made – they kept the life saving meds and did not give them over – they threatened to call the police on his neighbor for he wanted them to bandage the cut that they had inflicted on an already traumatized dog. The neighbor they were threatening is military ( so not only do they not respect animals …they do not respect our men in uniform). NOW FOR THE KICKER….EVEN NOT KNOWING WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIS DOG – ONE TREATMENT PLAN INCLUDED EUTHANIZING HIS BEST FRIEND. Here is an update – my dog was taken to a REAL VET the next morning – given fluids immediately – along with the meds that were needed and is gong to be fine – all for less than the cost of this ill-fated trip to Veterinary Emergency Referral Center. Rude, incompetent and either needs new ownership or close the doors. –Melissa S

They killed my dog, plain & simple. Took her in for a swelling on her neck & told them my Mom thought it was a snakebite. Dr Breedlove told me it was Def not a snakebite & they kept her overnight (without giving Anti-venom). Picked her up in the morning and took her to my vet who immediately said it was Def a snakebite but we were past the 24 hour window to give the Anti-venom. She died a horrible painful death there the next night (my vet did everything possible but sent me back to them as they are supposed to be the “experts” on snakebite in the area. After she passed the new Dr shaved the hair at the wound and there were two very visible bite marks that she admitted was a snakebite.
Dr Breedlove was too proud to listen to the advice of an old lady and it cost me the life of my life long companion.
Lexi was taken from me way too soon due to their incompetence.
Lowest possible rating.

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