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They tried to do a procedure on our dog that 3 vets have told me that they never do. It would have caused infection and further issues. Totally incompetent and irresponsible with their diagnosis. Unfortunately the only clinic so if you have an emergency. I pray I never have to go back there. –Mona B

horribly traumatic for me and my cat Tanjy. i took him in on christmas eve, he was suffering from multiple issues, i requested he be euthanized. after almost 2 hours of waiting i tried to leave with my cat, dr acosta showed up and talked me out of euthanasia saying he wasn’t as ill as i was saying. that gave me hope so i stayed. 5 hours after arriving, he still hadnt been treated, i was in the reception area without him, i said bring him to me, this is too expensive and nothing has been done for him. (he was suffering, he might as well pass away at home.) she talked me out of it indicating he had just been sedated and she’d try to lower the price. maybe 20 minutes later, she said she found other bad issues and showed me his body, i wont describe how gory. and then told me he wasn’t as sedated as he could be! 2 assistants sitting there heard this. i said i saw his back paw moving and touched it. his shoulder/chest had been cut into and he was no doubt aware of the pain! i can’t imagine the terror he was feeling. he was finally put to sleep. i didn’t even get to be with him and comfort him as it happened, acosta didnt want to waken him fully. altho the bill that i looked at the next day says he was administered antisedan which wakes them. why wake him and not let me be there for him? it was painful and prolonged for my poor baby and now i have the horrible memory of seeing him in that condition on the table and wondering how much pain and fear he was experiencing. i had told them all when i walked in that he needed to be euthanized. 5 traumatic painful hours later, after i asked twice to leave with him, they agreed to euthanize him. his pain is finally over, but i will never recover emotionally from this ER experience with dr. Acosta. –Mary Rye

One Star –Cornelius J

Very poor quality of care; no compassion for the furbaby patient; nothing positive.This facility has no competition in this area hence I was forced to utilize again this evening iin desperation. I felt guilty leaving my pet for treatment; praying I can get him to a real vet tomorrow morning. Oh yes; the min they will attempt to bill is just under $1500 if you have to leave your pet for anytime at all. The “deposit” will be whatever you agreed to plus 20%; usually nothing less than 50% of “gold standard”. The vet physical assessment of your pet will take under 8 mins; $$$$. Pensacola needs an alternative choice. –Deborah M

Did they really go into your personnel files to post a comment about how long you’ve used them? Did they really tell the staff about your review, and then try to make you feel guilty about being honest? How immature and incompetent are these employees? –Joe G

The worst in the country!! Avoid to save your pet!!!!!
Maybe we should get together, go to authorities get them closed –Edna B

Sorry for your loss. Thats the usual end at this place. Be great if they had some vets that paid attention. My dog had to be put down. But they held my dog for ransom till i made a decision sign papers and pay. Then they let me see him. By then he so bad i had to bye real fast. They are horrible people horrible. –E B

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