Veterinary Emergency Referral Center Reviews Page 29

In good conscience I can’t give this place more than one star. My dog was nicked by what we believe to be a train last night and we waited over two hours just to be brought back to an exam room, over six hours total for my girl to actually receive care. She was bleeding from deep wounds and we waited behind people who obviously had less emergence situations than our own. I was originally quoted a 2000$ bill “to keep her stable through the night”, but the vet had the audacity to immediately walk in the exam room and say she’d need to be euthanized. Long story short, I paid 500$ for two X-rays and a shot of pain medicine and took my baby girl home. If you are able to, keep your pet comfortable at home until your vet opens the next morning. This place isn’t worth the money, or the judgmental stares from the employees. I was covered in mud because I had to climb down a steep muddy hill at my house down to the train tracks to find my dog. The staff continuously looked at me like I was some dirty redneck (like I had time to clean myself up, my dog was just hit by a freaking train. What would you do?) and even went back into the computer three times after payment to “make sure my payment processed”. I honestly don’t think these people give a crap about helping animals. –Melody B

terrible –Leslie D

They don’t care about the pets. Only the money –Nancy S

This place sucks –Edna B

I saw the Neurologist there today and had the worst experience at a vet I have ever had . She was condescending and rude. Told me She couldn’t diagnosis because I was tying her hands because I did not have an open check book for her diagnostic check (MRI). Told me I couldn’t just leave my cat like that and he was in pain. Told me I should do research prior to taking my cat to a vet. I wish I had researched her !!!! Inappropriate and so rude ! –Sheila B

This place is a waste of time!!!! I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone! –Melissa R

Took our dog in and it took 4 hours to get blood work, x-rays, and an ultrasound. Still no accurate diagnosis after that. They kept him overnight to keep him stable. We picked him up this morning to take him to our normal vet and have been over an hour and they still have not​ sent over paperwork so our vet can do treatment. Very disappointed in service and vet knowledge. –Ashley B

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