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This place only cares about money and puts the comfort of your pet as a last priority.

We brought our dog in and were told that what was wrong with her could only be fixed with surgery. They tried a bunch of scare tactics to try and get us to put over $4000 for a deposit. They kept her overnight to “monitor” her and when we told them we were going to go to our normal vet, they basically left her in a cage and forgot about her.

When we went to pick her up, we had to wait over 3 hours to even see our dog and the staff was incredibly rude and short when we tried to get information to bring to our trusted vet.

This place is a disgrace to veterinarians, it should be shut down and its staff should lose their licenses forever. –Brent W

Do not take your pets to the Veterinary Emergency Referral Center located at 4800 N Davis Hwy in Pensacola. They do not care about your pets well being but they will charge you for services never given.
We waited in an exam room for 3 hours, even after calling ahead to make sure we could be seen. The nurses were unable to take vitals because my cat was stressed. The vet spent less than 5 minutes speaking to us and even less time “examining” Quincey.
Vet came back with a treatment plan to sedate my kitty and run blood work, X-rays, IV drip, and anti-nausea medication totaling $793.
After rejecting that idea the nurse comes in with a new plan. They wanted to give him fluids via IV, anti-nausea medication, and hairball medication, totaling $239.
They had no idea what was wrong with Quincey and spent a total of 6 minutes with him before coming up with these “treatments”.
So we decide to leave, but get hit with a $90 bill. The vet had no explanation as to WHY we need to pay this amount. No services were given or treatments preformed. The nurses admit that they were unable to provide care for my baby.
We paid $90 to sit in a room. –Lindsay A

This place is pathetic. All they did was tell me a price and couldn’t even diagnose my dog. The staff was nice but I honestly think their out to screw people over. I went to my vet the next day and got my dog diagnosed and treated with no problems and a fraction of the price –Logan B

I wish I could give them 0 stars. They fully take advantage of people that are desperate when no other vets are open. Took my dog in because it seemed like he had something possibly lodged in his esophagus. He was hacking and eyes were bloodshot like he was struggling. Dr. Only took him back for 5 mins and came back trying to convince me it was a neurological issue or possibly brain cancer in my 6 month old pup and that I would need to put a $700 deposit down for them to run more tests. No xrays were taken of airway. I decided after looking at other reviews I’d risk keeping him overnight and taking him to personal vet following morning. Before we even made it home from this place he threw up a half eaten chicken bone and has been fine ever since. It’s disgusting to take advantage of people who actually take care of their pets! If you can avoid going here I’d recommend you don’t. –Shannon B

BEWARE!!! Took in a stray cat who had kittens. A kitten was sick so I took it in, vet comes in and recommends $3000 worth of treatments. I declined so they said I should just pay $70 to euthanize it, without ever giving me a reason as to why it was sick. Told me all of the kittens might die. Paid them $200 for nothing….Problem ended up being fleas (because they were strays) but the one thing this office didn’t do is get the fleas off the cat when I brought it in. –Happily S

Wait if possible to take your pet to their vet. Lots of good vet’s in Pensacola but no after hours clinics.😟 not worth 1 star –Albert J

First, this is the only emergency vet in the city of Pensacola (and they let you know that), so giving this a one star will not change anything. Because if there was a choice, my choice is to not go here. Second, the doctor was rude and condescending, and I could not even tell you the doctor’s name because he never even introduced himself when he came in the room. My pup got into a fight with her housemate and had a couple puncture wounds in her chest and a gash to her lower leg. The leg wound concerned us because it would not stop bleeding so we took her here. We waited which was fine because we thought they were caring for her. The doctor comes in and all he can suggest is a series of tests (one test was to explore her veins, what?), said she needs TO BE sedated because she won’t let anyone touch her, she will have to stay the night, possibly two, needs various xray’s, and possible surgery. After letting him know that we did not think all this was necessary, nor did we have thousands of dollars, he became rude and condescending, changed his whole tone of voice to us and stated “look I’m trying to help you two, what do you want me to do just wrap it up and send her home?”, at this point to which we replied, “yes, unless it needs stiches right now, and we will take her to her regular vet in the morning.” He then went on to say, “Okay, that’s your risk, I’ll put a bandage on it, and you can wait in the lobby because we were taking up a room.” We were literally the only ones there, and the parking lot was empty. She comes out with a bandage on her leg (didn’t think she would let anyone touch her), and for $230.00, they didn’t even clean the wound on her chest (the one that concerned him sooo much). It was still bloody and starting to get crusty and they clearly didn’t care enough to even put anything on it. Unless you cannot absolutely wait until the morning when other vets open, do not go here. They are rude, disrespectful and CLEARY ON LY CARE ABOUT MONEY. –Holly B

Supposed to be an emergency vet care but will not see your animals unless you have money up front will not work with you –Rebekah S

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