Veterinary Emergency Referral Center Reviews Page 8

I walked in to get my pet checked out because he hurt his paw. Not even a hello, the 1st thing that was said to me was “how will you be paying today”? I’m not coming to a place if they’re going to put money over wanting to even know my pet’s name or why we are even there.. –David C

Brought my 3 pound Chihuahua in with a dislocated hip after falling off the couch.they put her in the kennel and left her for 1.15 hours without looking at her. Not treated like an emergency at all. –Karen S

They have inflated prices and play on the pets owners emotions and exploit them to bring in the most outrageous amount of money. –Cathy O

This Place is extremely expensive…If you bring your dog here make sure that you have $1700 to spend. .They will not admit your dog until you sign that dotted line.. I had a dog I bring there…Sign to pay $1700.00 then two hours later just to find out that we have to put her down.. So we basically paid them $1700.00 to put our Dog to sleep…What sad is they are the only one here in Pensacola…So they can charge as much as they want especially when your desperate and worried about your pet, you pay the money:(:(: –Rosita S

Completely insensitive staff. Cat had to be put down after my 1600 dollar deposit was used on care. I received a call about cat at 2am on Saturday morning and cat has to be put down. At 8 am, I received a call stating I can get cat’s ashes and I had a 180 dollar balance. I asked if I could come in on monday to pay balance and get ashes, I was told yes. Five minutes later, I received another call saying I needed to pay my balance, monday wasn’t an option… –Helena W

Don’t ever take your pet here!! I have never meet such heartless people before in my life. Take advantage of my sister when she brings her pet in and would not even touch my pet when we where in a horrible car wreck –Jo’el N

Animal killers!! Do not take ur animals here!! Don’t deserve one star I had to put it there so I could post this!! –Wesley W

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