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My cat suddenly and unexpectedly passed on Thanksgiving morning. The Referral hospital was our only option in a place to take him in the morning.
They took him in the back and left me sitting, alone and crushed in a room.
Clearly the laughing and joking people in the back were not in any hurry to ease my pain.
My partner who was in the car (they wouldn’t let him in with me so I was literally left alone and heartbroken) sent me a message asking what was going on. I said I was going through some kind of torture because they are joking and laughing and clearly not interested in the heartbroken guy sitting alone. When he came in and raised a fuss they finally decided to give me the paper to sign for cremation.
I understand that he was gone and there was nothing they could do to save him, but they could have at least had the decency to show some kind of respect for their clients.
Even when we finally checked out and paid there was zero situational appropriateness with the staff. And they even got his name wrong.
Basically this is a last resort place to take your pet. I wish I could have waited and just gone to my normal veterinary clinic who are compassionate and caring, unlike the people at the Emergency Referral Hospital.

–Eddy K, Google Reviews

Looking through of the reviews and reddit page. This joint does not care about your animal. They want your money. The doctors are nice but the office staff is absolutely horrid. How they have a job speaking to humans I have no idea.
If your pet can hold out, try a day vet the next day or go to mobile.

–I give honest reviews, Google Reviews

One star!

–Rosie M, Google Reviews

There is a receptionist there, I believe her name is Brittany, who is always very argumentative and aggressive. It’s not hard to be helpful or kind-it’s especially important when you work at a place where people are going through some of life’s hardest moments. She could use a refresher in bedside manner for all aspects of working in quality care for patients, clients, or whomever she is speaking with. I would write it off as “a bad day” if it wasn’t that every time I either am in there or call, she is either being rude to myself or I witness her being rude to another person.
Hope she can learn to enjoy life a little more and be a bit kinder

–Lizzy H, Google Reviews

Worst place to deal with in an animal emergency. Did nothing but ignore my concerns. I wouldn’t recommend these people to my worst enemy.

–Tim G, Google Reviews

My dog had to be euthanized and was told we could not be with our dog while be euthanized because of COVID rules. This was very devastating as my dog died in the arms of strangers. Though during our visit both doctors and nurses were in the room with us and didn’t seem to mind that there were 4 to 5 people in one room at one time. So why couldn’t I be with my dog during this difficult time. I wished I had taken my dog to another facility. Plus the fact I was told one price over the phone and paid $100 more at the vet. I was too upset to fight it at the time.

–Lisa C, Google Reviews

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