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PLEASE CHECK WITH LOCAL VETS BEFORE TAKING YOUR PET HERE. If you can wait, wait until your vet opens. We came here because our dog was sick and we believed he had a bowel obstruction. When we told the receptionist this over the phone, she questioned what we were saying like we had no idea what we were talking about. Because of Hurricane Sally, all of the local vets were not open. We walk in and they only allowed 1 of us (I understand- it’s Covid) but the way they told us was incredibly rude. “ONLY 1 PERSON!!!!!” My BF had to sign papers saying it was $110 just to be seen. They also just shoved the papers in his face and didn’t explain what he was signing. While they were inside, I called every local vet & came across Scenic Hills. The first thing they said was “don’t go to the emergency vet!” We left & we’re happy we did. It wouldn’t have been so bad & we wouldn’t have mind paying an arm and a leg but I had a terrible feeling in my gut and didn’t trust them caring for my pup. DONT GO HERE

–Sarah C, Google Reviews

One Star!

James T, Google Reviews

One Star!

Cody W, Google Reviews

My dog was attacked by another dog. I rushed my dog to them and it was my first time having to go to an emergency vet. Before they would look at him at all I had to pay $100. Spent two hours in agony not knowing what was going on only for them to tell me he couldn’t swallow and said he was in pain. They told me they were the only vet that had the machinery to help him. They wanted $4000 just to do imaging. I thought I was going to have to put him to sleep…a friend in rescue begged me to get a second opinion which I did at Safe Harbor. Turns out he could swallow just fine and they also had the “machinery” needed to check him out. He is perfectly fine now. I shudder to think how many other owners have had to put their babies down due to this lying money hungry practice…

–Virginia W, Google Reviews

I was hoping all the negative reviews were not true about this location but I can say I did not have a good experience. My dog was referred here from Banfield his primary care as they do not have an ultrasound machine on site. VERC is definitely on their own sweet time. Banfield called VERC around 2pm and did not hear back from them till 5pm just for the referral. I then went to their location and was not seen by a tech or doctor for 2 hours. 2 hours for them to tell me they were between a shift change and the critical care specialist was now not on site. The ultrasound that was needed could not be fully done till the morning, but they wanted to admit my dog for an IV for the night and do the ultrasound in the morning. Of course all of this is just more $. It’s sad to say but their customer service is pretty much garbage.

–Pooja C, Google Reviews

The orthopedic surgeon was very rude and non sympathetic to our needs. Convinced us to have an expensive ($4k) amputation for my dog and he died 2 weeks later. I do NOT recommend AT ALL.

–Nunu S, Google Reviews

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