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I have a 4 month old kitten I rescued about three weeks ago. She had ringworm and ear mites and her growth is stunted but she was on the mend before she started acting off a couple of days ago. I was monitoring it before I finally broke down in a panic and rushed her here after being up all night. After waiting for 2 hours, Dr. Acosta told me I would have to pay $2800 to even see what was going on with my kitten. When I told her I couldn’t do this, she told me I could euthanize her or take her home, but if I took her home she would probably die. When I asked if it was really serious enough to consider euthanasia, she coldly said “well that’s what we are trying to figure out right?” She would not level with me at all and had no care or compassion unless I could give her $3000 for a series of tests and x-rays first, I was even told the price would go up from there. I told them I wanted to take my kitten home and give her antibiotics and hope for the best. The bill was then $290. We were there this morning from 6am-11am and she is still alive tonight at 10:30pm but is still struggling to breathe. After reading other people’s reviews and seeing that they were treated similarly by Dr. Acosta I’m outraged..this is the first time I’ve ever owned my own animal so unsure what the standard usually is for these things and decided to give them the benefit of the doubt despite leaving feeling like I was treated coldly because I couldn’t afford their outrageous prices. I’m going to my primary care vet tomorrow i will never be coming to this establishment again. Hoping my kitten makes it through the night. So horrible they are taking advantage of being the only 24 hour hospital in town by asking for ridiculous amounts of money when people are at their lowest and most desperate. Pitiful..shameful..pathetic. I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt but the reality is they are cold and only in it for the money-not the animals.

–Robyn D, Google Reviews

Horrible glad our vet is at scenic hills..

–Becca W, Google Reviews

No heart, not professional, made my wife make a decision on the spot about our cat, I wouldnt take a pet dung beetle to this place, they are all about the money, greedy people like this make it bad for the ones that do care,

–James C, Google Reviews

I am disgusted in the service of this place, or lack there of. If I could give zero stars I would. My parents, from out of state, were first quoted at nearly $3,000 for services that their dog did not require; she has had a disease process that VERC was made known by their dog’s primary care vet. When told those prices were unattainable they acted like a car dealer with a better offer, over $2000 cheaper. $650 for an overnight stay. This was for less than 15 hrs of service without even a lab draw. The following morning, at 8am, my parents were notified that it was time for their dog to be picked up, without no information as to how how she was doing when asked. My parents dog had this exact same episode in their hometown and their dog was at the vet for 3 days and it only cost them $800. This how steep this place is. Do NOT take your pets here! They are playing on people’s heart strings. It’s sick

–Rika J, Google Reviews

Been up here since 11am it’s now going on 5pm in exam room. Wait time is ridiculous I will not be coming back here ever again.

–Razy R, Google Reviews

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