Veterinary Emergency Referral Center Reviews Page 37

There for hours without being seen

–Kevin S, Google Reviews

Disorganized, not empathetic, shockingly unprofessional bedside manner. I saw not one person in this facility wearing a mask for COVID19. It’s a money grab, and the slick expensive building is at odds with the poor level of care. If you love your pet avoid this place.

Update: same tests they wanted to do on my pet, a MedVet can do for $1000 less.

–K F, Google Reviews

Waited for almost 4 hours before we were seen. Technician keep saying I was next in line each of the 3-4 times she came through the door. Then she said there will be a doctor in at 4pm and I will be first but now it is almost 4:30pm and still not seen yet.

–Keisha B, Google Reviews

Our cat slammed her tail in the door…. and they said they could happily fix it for 1300$…. because we waited 4 hours to be seen it was almost 2 am and we made the decision to wait and see our vet at 8 am the Next morning! Our vet fixed her up to
The tune of 100$! I certainly don’t mind paying for a service but this felt like price gouging!!!

Btw. Her tail is perfect!!!

–Julie D, Google Reviews

I had to put my pet down cause of the doctors didn’t know wat was wrong with her and the prices are high

–Douglas F, Google Reviews

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