Veterinary Emergency Referral Center Reviews Page 40

Horrible service. My friends pup passed away and they did not give any details but just overall were cruel in the process. So terrible.

–Lauren J, Google Reviews

If I could give no stars if I could. Rude, slow, and want to over charge. Niceville er vet was complete opposite and it’s sad it is over an hour away. But needed over night care for our dog. I had heard bad things, but omg it’s even worse than you can imagine

–Christina P, Google Reviews

We went there for my chihuahua who was 11months when we went there. They wanted us to sign forms saying i “if she started to code we won’t save her” or along the lines of that. They took out her IV which our vet put in to save us fees. They then told us too “stop having a tantrum” All we needed was for our dog to be watched overnight since she had been electicuted, we where worried about fluid buildining up their lungs. But we where denied because she was in “stable condition.”

Go to the Niceville Emergency Vet, not VERC. Niceville’s vet was extremely nice and WORTH the drive. Niceville is also cheaper than Verc was going to be over 4k on the low end. Niceville is around 500$ to 1k

–Catt A, Google Reviews

A joke. Not worth your time

–Linda S, Google Reviews

His name was Max I’m sure you haven’t forgotten me by now. Max could have been saved I truly believe this had you been willing to work out a payment plan something. I would have worked it off need be. They are honest but soulless. Out for the dollar.$170 for an ex-ray plus $95 just to walk in the door. $100 to put him to sleep. You should be ashamed. You left me in there with my daughter while I had a nervous brake down. Had to beg a poor nurse for tissue. Didn’t want other folks to see me so you take me out a side door with my cat coffin box. I pray you find some humanity in your practice. Because you shown us none. I have PTSD and you took my best friend and you actually have the nerve to act like I’m making you uncomfortable. Where was your bed side manner. I’m so at a loss over this. God have mercy on you.

Crystal B, Google Reviews

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