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“Dr” Acosta was the vet and she had such a sour attitude… told us it would be 5k for tests just to “figure out what has going on with her”… she then went on to say that we should just put her down if we couldn’t pay that right now but had no further knowledge of what could be going on with her… price gouging at its finest.

But her attitude. No heart and no concern or care about anyone’s feelings.

I reached out to the clinic multiple times trying to get touch in dr Acosta after she gave our puppy a “shot of fluid” and 40 minutes later she died at home… she was only a year old and had no health issues.

When I requested to see what the fluid was and how much, they said that “they couldn’t give this information” because she “didn’t know how to read it in the chart”

Of course, no one from management not Dr Acosta returned the call.

So I wrote on google, Facebook, her page that is PUBLIC. Reported her to the state, spoke with a lawyer… so on.

THEN the woman, I can’t even call her a doctor anymore… called the police due to posting on social platforms about her. That are PUBLIC forums.

The police were so nice and sympathized with us about our loss and that they would never go to this clinic for their pets!

Mission accomplished I guess, creating awareness at what a terrible place this is! :)

Just don’t go here. We want to spread the word that this place is careless, heartless and they only care about money! At least that is “dr Acostas” agenda.

–Kasie L, Google Reviews

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