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Make sure you’ve got $800 or otherwise they will turn you down for services. Our pup seemed to be having a seizure. We drove over an hour to get there and the invoice we were given was over $1200. They were supposed to keep our pup overnight and monitor her. When we showed up the following morning to pick her back up, they came to the conclusion that there was nothing wrong with her. We noticed that the bottoms of her paws were red and sore and much to our surprise the vet on duty didnt notice that either. Safe to say that when we left her there they put her in a cage and never monitored her progress while making us pay a hefty price for what was basically daycare. This place cares more about their nails and $$$ than they do the animal or the owner. –Sand M

I was told my dog had parvo even after a negative test. They told me it was 50/50 she would live. I paid an additional 350 for blood work that didn’t tell them anything. I took her to my vet on Monday and turned out she had hookworms. 1500 dollars should catch hookworm. They also thought my dog was a male after her spending all weekend there. –Nicole T

Hideous experience. “Dr” Navarro was rude and disrespectful at a time when we were making difficult decisions, and also mourning. Please allow owners to ask valid questions without interrupting them, especially not gesturing your hand towards an owner to silence them. Even came in the room giving us news of the wrong dog – not an impressive start to a visit. Furthermore, she couldn’t even operate her equipment to fully show us a visual on an MRI of what was wrong with our dog. So, just take her word for it and euthanize the dog?? After she gave us the bad news, she even tried to re-enter the room by pushing our dog with the door she was using to enter. I had to ask her to go around and use the opposite door so our dog could rest as we said our goodbyes. Don’t vet schools teach compassion and bedside manner? Wish our area had another after-hours emergency vet. Sad. –Luis A

I wish Pensacola had another facility for emergency care. Our pets deserve better. They did nothing for my dog and charged plenty. My dog also ended up with lots of fleas from being there. I really hope someone comes into that office and cleans house, makes the changes to put the animals FIRST. –Mary W

Never a good time if y’all are going here, expect a long wait, expect another long wait when you get into a room, expect them to try and keep your dog overnight. Use your head, only do what your dog needs. –Ryan M

This place does not even deserve 1 star. Most awful vet clinic I have seen in 40 years of moving around the country. Service is terrible and prices are higher than I have seen anywhere in the world. This place seems to be a sales driven scam. It is all about selling you and not about caring for the animal. Anyplace that will bandage over a dirty wound should not even be in business and this is that place. Steer clear of them! –C B

Absolutely terrible experience. Came in with my dog looking like death. They didn’t do any tests, but diagnosed her as being poisoned and immediately wanted to hospitalized her and charge me $1,000 without actually knowing what was wrong. In fact, they refused to do anything for her until they got my money. They neglected to mention that they have a promise to pay offer until they realized that we weren’t getting approved for any loans. They left my dog in her vomit for an hour and a half until I cleaned her and the vomit up and when they were taking her out of the room they dragged her across the floor by the leash wrapped around her neck and hit her with a door. Absolutely unacceptable behavior and I’m pretty sure it falls under malpractice and animal abuse. The only reason I even gave them a star is because I had to to leave this review –Lauren J R

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