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I brought my dog in while she was shaking and throwing up a cloudy liquid, (which i later found out was a chemical she had gotten into at home) banfield pet hospital had referred me to them so this is where i went. My dog was getting better by the time i brought here there so she started to bark and play a little bit but i still wanted to get her checked out. I waited, and finally they brought her back. The nurse was incredibly rude. I waited in the place for total of 3 1/2 hours and they didn’t do anything to my dog and they treated her poorly. The nurse took her back to give her a shot and my puppy made the worst noice ive ever heard her make. And she did not like that lady. The lady then proceeded to tell me that i needed to put my dog in behavioral classes because she was horrible. Shes not even, shes a pittbull mix with a lot of energy. Shes a sweet sweet dog and ive never had a single person complain about her. I will never be going back here again. –Mary C

My dog hurt herself by falling on the ground when trying to jump into my lap. So I took her here to see if she was OK and the vet interrogated me as if I were abusing her.
First of all she was not abused. Secondly, If I was abusing her I would not have spent the money to take her to a vet. By the way, they didn’t find anything wrong with her. –Steve D

IN MY OPINION, DO NOT TAKE YOUR PETS HERE UNLESS THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION. Twice now we have brought pets in. The first one they did very little for and told us we had to put him down due to complications. Heartbreaking, but it happens.
The second time however, everything was terrible from the get go. Despite bringing our pet in ASAP, it took HOURS for them to even begin basic treatment. Obviously did not care for the comfort of the animal either. We agreed to pay the ridiculous upfront deposits because there was no other choice and we were desperate for them to start treatments.

DAYS later we are told our pet will likely need to put down. Out of desperation we took our pet to another vet. And we were told that NO we did not need to put him down, and that we had been charged THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS for the facility to do NOTHING more than a few basic blood tests and fluids, and NEVER ACTUALLY TREAT THE PROBLEM.

I now very much question the “complications” that led to our first pet being put down.

Under normal circumstances I never leave bad reviews on any business. In fact this is the first one I have ever written. But this is board line malpractice.

I will drive to another town next time I need emergency veterinary services. Better to lose a little time and gas than hand a loved pet over to these people again. –Jon R

imagine if you went to the hospital with chest pains and they put you in the back for 2 hours and then told you, “Well, it’s either harmless gas or you could need a quadruple bypass. The bypass costs $100,000, so if you put $50,000 down we can help you.” This is EXACTLY how they treat your cherished pets. They take them away from you where you can’t see them, let you suffer in anxiety and stress for hours, then come back with a ridiculously expensive “treatment” plan before even giving your animal basic treatment. When our dog was struck by a car we were asked to pay $1300 down for bills “up to $5000” before ANY TREATMENT WAS RENDERED. NONE. ZERO. Fortunately we have medical backgrounds and DEMANDED that the dog be stabilized so we could take him to a HUMANE, CARING vet in the morning. These people are MONEY SUCKING SCUM, NO MORE NO LESS. READ THE REVIEWS. AVOID AT ALL COSTS! –Jon R

This clinic prioritizes getting their money over saving your pet’s life. To keep my dog over the weekend, they quoted $1300. We had $700 in cash to pay right then and the tech was on the verge of refusing to save our dog. We were going to pay the $1300 in full the very next day or even later that afternoon, but even that isn’t accepted. Money is all that matters to these people –Annie M

Do not bring your animals here i lost a litter of pups needed an emergency c sec. Done they said will kill my dog 3x as much as a reg. Vet no payment plan if your not rich they will offer politely to kill your dog or cat. But the nurse did tell me a good place to go i got it done but only one survived because of the hrs its open –De W

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