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This place is nothing but a joke. I have tried going here twice. The first one was a few years ago. My cat was on its death bed. Only one thing left to do…. We called around 7-8pm to make sure they had a room available. Took a few times for them to answer their phone. Finally reached them, told them the situation and they said they would have a room ready and everything they needed upon our arrival. We go there about 30 minutes later. Walked in a nobody was to be found. Signed in….. nothing. Rang the bell….. nothing. But they were seen in the back drinking their coffee. My cat ended up dying in my arms waiting on their sorry service. Then tonight(Sunday night), we found a kitten that was abandoned. Only a day or so old. We called them to see if they could help us out. Knowing darn well they have everything needed to help the poor guy they declined any service and gave us a number that was not in service and numbers to places not open on weekends. Then they hung up. I do not advise anybody taking their animals to this worthless place. –Matthew T

These people are nothing but schiesters! They take advantage of your love for your pets and only see the money they can get from you! When one takes their best furry friend into this facility, the staff and veterinarians prey on that love you have and they know you have no other choices on the weekend. They know they have you over a barrel and they delight in raping each person financially! NEVER NEVER TAKE YOUR PET TO THIS PLACE! –Debbie P

WISH I COULD GIVE NO STARS!!DONT WASTE YOUR TIME, THIS PLACE IS REDICULASLY OVER PRICED AND COULD CARE LESS ABOUT YOUR ANIMAL ONLY UR MONEY, if you don’t live in the mansion’s on sceanic hwy you cant afford the prices! $1200-$1400 for stitches. –T J

$136.25 and nearly 4 hours for them to warm kittens and then tell me there was nothing they could do. –Taylor W

So much for “emergency”, came in with my Dog and drove over an hour to get here. When I first arrived they told me to get lunch and come back in 45 mins….well 4 hours later I am still waiting for an update on my dog. Upon my return the vet techs told me that my dog was still in the cage and that the vet still had appts ahead of mine. Even though I thought this was strictly an emergency referral center? A man came in and complained to the front desk about his dog being put down while I was waiting in the waiting area. He said the dog was put down and then left on the table for an hour and a half. The vet tech at the front desk shrugged and didn’t even bother to reply then cut him off and answered the phone “heyyy Vicky”. Very dissapointed –Kendall P

While I am five states away , my dog experienced a life threatening illness. My neighbor was gracious enough to take my dog into this facility that was supposed to help my “best friend” – anyone that has love for their animal knows that they are our best friends and children. This “PIT FROM HELL” – aka the Veterinary Emergency Referral Center is the last place you will ever want your animal to receive treatment or should I say lack of treatment until they get their money. The “treatment plan” these crooks came up with started at $3,000. Really?! and you can’t even tell what is wrong with my dog nor can you provide any reassurance that he will even survive the night?! HOW ABOUT STARTING WITH AN IV WITH FLUIDS TO HYDRATE THE DOG!!!! My banking account had been hacked so I was in another state and without funds to send for treatment – I made arrangements for payment and even after the payment was made – they kept the life saving meds and did not give them over – they threatened to call the police on my neighbor for he wanted them to bandage the cut that they had inflicted on my already traumatize dog. My neighbor they were threatening is military ( so not only do they not respect animals …they do not respect our men in uniform). NOW FOR THE KICKER….EVEN NOT KNOWING WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY DOG – ONE TREATMENT PLAN INCLUDED EUTHANIZING MY BEST FRIEND. Thus the reason my neighbor was eager to leave this “PIT FROM HELL”. Here is an update – my dog was taken to a REAL VET the next morning – given fluids immediately – along with the meds that were needed and is gong to be fine – all for less than the cost of this ill-fated trip to Veterinary Emergency Referral Center. Rude, incompetent and either needs new ownership or close the doors. –Jason H

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