Veterinary Emergency Referral Center Reviews Page 51

Only 1 Star because ther is no “0”
The worse pet / personal experience I have ever had
They performed procedures that were not requested or authorized before discussing my boxers condition
They were interested in Selling MRIs @ $3000 a pop charge 3 times what other local providers charge for Euthanasia because the have a ” Vet Neurologist” available who BTW was awful insensitive offering comfort pain control when we refused MRI & requested release of my DOG & records
Severely lacking in compassion & concern for pet & owner in process & care
PLEASE LOOK at other reviews & Unless it is your ONLY option life or death emergency Go elsewhere !!!!!! –Linda R

Absolutely horrendous . Called ahead , brought my dog with a dislocated hip and knee … 2.5 hours and no one even saw us or took X-rays.

Upon arrival they took us in, and shoved him in a kennel in that state without my permission and I could hear him screaming down the hall . I ask to bring my dog into the treatment room they put me in and they left us there till we asked for discharge paperwork. The vet was also rude and short. Definitely not an animal lover.

DONT EVER GO HERE! Animal hospital of Pensacola got me in and out in under 45 minutes and the staff was so nice –Brittany R

Refused to treat my rat, who only needed antibiotics for a respiratory illness on a holiday weekend. I had peer reviewed sources, which detailed the medication and dosage needed. They refused. Pet died before the end of the holiday. INEXCUSABLE! –Michael P J

You would think they would have nicer equipment for the price you pay. $1000 later they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my dog. Not only that but it took 7hrs after I left for them to fax the documents to my normal vet. Are you kidding? It’s a scam at the bare minimum. Crooks run the place I’m sure. –Pi G

Dr. Acosta’s bed-side manner is deplorable. Her snide, passive aggressive remarks made my experience there most unpleasant. Too bad VERC is the only after hrs emergency vet in Pensacola. If I ever have to see an after hrs vet again I’ll drive to Mobile if I can. The people @ Rehm were far nicer. –A Polly A

WORST PLACE EVER!!! being in the veterinary field, I am somewhat familiar with the protocol and procedures, and all this place wants is your money- care is crap- prices are INSANE- even for a emergency facility- would NOT recommend anyone taking their pet there!! –Susie G

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