Veterinary Emergency Referral Center Reviews Page 53

Why do you say your open on Sunday and 24 hours! I have an emergency drive out here and Your closed! –Lisa C

Beware of this place!!! Took my dog in with a back problem. Vet looked him over and said she thought it was a disk in his neck and that’s the most painful part of the back. (Trying to make me feel really bad). So she wanted me to leave my dog there on a slow drip for four days till the neurologist could see him. I said no I want to take him home. The vet got mad and said she was an advocate for the dog and recommended my dog stayed there. I was crying but I stood up to her and said NO. Finally she prescribed meds and I took him home. Five days later he’s doing great. I missed a bullet on this one. It could have cost me $10,000 if you added up days at the vet, X-rays, MRI, and then surgery plus all the pain my dog would have went through. (She said it would be a long recovery). ALL THEY WANTED WAS MONEY!!!! They try and get your money when you are most vernable! –Susie L

Called tonight and tried to get an e collar for my Beagle who had surgery today and they said they couldn’t sell me one unless I checked him in which was a minimum of 90 dollars only to sell me a 25 dollar collar for a sick dog. After I asked if there was a manager I could speak to they decided to hang up the phone. –Nate P

If i could give zero stars I would. Absolutely appalled at the way they treated my dog who was possible on the verge of dying. They let my dog get injured while he was at the back and because I couldn’t pay right away until the morning (since the banks were closed and I don’t have anyone to help me), they refused to help bandage him for what was THEIR mistake, and then they took back his medication they were going to give him to help clot his blood. Apparently the oath this staff goes by far different than that of someone who actually cares for animals and their well-being. When I mentioned this to the manager she continued to give me excuse after excuse and told me that they were not a lending company. So sad that I had to take my dog home not knowing if he would make it through the night. –Chelsea H

They charged me an arm and a leg which I expected but I didn’t get any answers as to why my cat was bleeding from his nose. I brought him to my primary vet the next day and they said he just broke his nose open and that it wasn’t coming from the inside of his nose. It’s like they didn’t even look at him and just ran a bunch of tests to leach money from me. They didn’t even give me an antibiotic after paying nearly 1000 dollars and then telling me they don’t know what’s wrong. I will never to here again and I would suggest that you doing either. –Hailey M

Horrible! Money hungry heartless people!! No interest in your pet all only interest in your wallet!! This place should be closed down in my opinion…my dog almost died after I ran out of money and she was forced to either come home seriously too ill or be put down…..another vet found her to be perfectly savable and she is almost well after only 24 hrs in their care. –Janita G

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