Veterinary Emergency Referral Center Reviews Page 52

Waited 2 1/2 hours never saw a vet. Avoid this place if you can. –George A

This was the second time I have been there and received poor service. These guys charge an exorbitant amount of money because they are the only game in town on a weekend. Be careful and bargain with them. They throw a ton of extra charges for things that your pet does not need. Good luck –Stephen B

We will never go back. They care more about getting their money first then saving your dog. Extremely over priced for services also. –Shannon T

We literally just left there and I was completely appalled by the service. The ladies at the front desk seemed to care about my Lab/Catahoula Mix but once I got back in the room it was strictly about money. The Dr was rather rude when I was trying to clarify timelines and then when asked to come back and talk us about the “plan”, he kept calling my MALE dog a SHE!!! How am I supposed to trust someone to take care of my baby when he can’t even get his sex right??? Furthermore I couldn’t even see my baby until they were done. If this would have been a 2 year old child, I would have been able to see everything. Why couldn’t I see everything with my fur baby? My regular vet has me in the room for everything. I have no trust for this place and didn’t appreciate having to pay $90 to be spoken to in a rude, insensitive manner. Praying I am never in a situation where I need to go back. –Theresa L

I was referred here by my vet and waited over one hour then they told me they didn’t know how much longer…i ended up leaving. I will go somewhere else for any future emergencies. –L.A. C

The one star is because they were open. The staff at front desk were very nice but it ended there. It was a very emotionally bad experience for both my dog and myself. –Darrellyn M

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