Veterinary Emergency Referral Center Reviews Page 58

This Is the most inhumane, money hoarding, LYING, INEXPERIENCED, poor excuse of a veterinary office on the planet, PLEASE save your pet’s life and your wallet call Dr. Peterson at Cordova. –Sean C

Very Expensive and uninformative. — Len F

They didn’t do anything. Charged us, they drugged up my cat and left him in a cage.
They had this big expensive plan to help him and they didn’t.

I think the people in the back are taking the sedatives. –For P

Only reason I gave 1 star is because you can’t give 0 !
I will NEVER use this place again. –Cindy S

Terrible service. Took 2 of our dogs there and ended up waiting several hours before someone finally came in to do an exam that took less than 3 minutes; we were the only ones even there at the time. Ended up having to bring our dogs back (had no other option) and was basically told to pay their astronomical fees upfront, put both dogs down, or leave because they were “causing a scene” (crying in extreme amounts of pain). Do NOT take your pets here! –Melanie C

Not very helpful over the phone. Wanted $90 just to look at my dog. –Kimberly B

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