Veterinary Emergency Referral Center Reviews Page 60

The one time I went in they showed no concern for me or my dog. After waiting in the room for 20-30 min they put me in a room. After being in the room for another 30 minutes with nothing from anyone I left. One other customer was there and me at like 10pm… At that point I just left, my dog was beginning to look a lot better lol. –Clint K

Yes, needed in case of emergencies…but price gouging!! ($1700 for things I found out later weren’t even necessary) and most of the staff was rude, especially the vet when I said I didn’t have that kind of money! –Tamara M

I am giving two stars because after I declined the “GOLD STAR STANDARD VET CARE” (hospitalizing my dog who IS drinking water and IS stable for IV fluids and observation and more $300 abdominal xrays every 12 hours), I was warned and threatened, depending on the team-member, I would taking my animal AGAINST MEDICAL ADVICE- AMA. They use the “Gold Star Standard” to manipulate emotional pet owners into spending lots of money very quickly. Well versed in animal rescue, I brought my dog home. She passed an unbelievable pile of sticks this morning. I am only out $500. Imagine if she had stayed for observation. –Valerie D

Honestly felt no compassion felt that it was more about money than treating the animals –DeAnne S

Seemed like they had no idea what they were doing. It took hours for someone to even look at our dog that had an obviously broken toe/foot and she was whining in the waiting room for hours. Then basically told us they could take x Ray’s but there was nothing they could do. The assistant had no clue what she was doing and was very stand offish to our dog. If it hadn’t been an emergency we wouldn’t have stayed. Very unhappy and we will most definitely not be going back. I’d rather drive to niceville –Devan L

Not particularly busy night I took my dog that was limping, not putting weight on front leg. But left after 1-1/2 hour wait since dog was able to walk. –Connie N

Would not take my dogs here! Yes they are nice and sincere but if you don’t have money they won’t help you out at ALL in anyway possible they want the money as soon as they are done with what they can do. They want $90 just for them to look at her, I understand they want to be paid I get that but what if we don’t have the money at the moment it’s just wow –Brad S

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