Veterinary Emergency Referral Center Reviews Page 61

Too damn expensive. –James G

What should have taken 45 minutes took 3 hours and there was only one other pet there when we were there. The doctor spent all of 2 minutes with ya, never in the same room as us and our pet. They way over charged and did a terrible job of informing us of what was happening, just a whole lot of waiting. –Sarah D

I am very concerned that this is the only all night vet near me. I brought my dog in for an infection on her paw. I’m glad it wasn’t anything truly considered life threatening. There was only one other gentlemen in the lobby. Clearly his dog was already in the back. After the vet saw my dog, I waited and waited, thinking we would get medicine and be on our way. The assistant came in three different times to have me sign an agreement of payment. I was escorted up front and had to pay before they would even clean her paw. I understand people may try to skip out on the bill but there has to be a better way. I’m sure they don’t mean to seem callus but I spent more time going over and agreeing to payment, than the vet did with my dog. I hope a crisis is handled much differently. –Mary H

They are FAR more concerned with getting your money than they are for your pet. –Crystal S

Look, if your pet is injured on the weekend, there are not too many options… To that end, Veterinary Emergency Referral is a wonderful service.
However…. If they are the only game in town, the supply/demand curve is decidedly in their favor. This place understands this perfectly, and their rates reflect this dynamic.
No one becomes a vet without loving our for footed friends… But financially taking advantage of a pet’s misfortune and the owner’s grief/concern is sad. –Gene W

Wet spots on the floor not cleaned up…dog barking non stop. Not like at the vet I go to. –Jerry L

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