Veterinary Emergency Referral Center Reviews Page 62

We were there for almost 4 hours and nothing was resolved and after waiting for an hour they didn’t know what we were there for. –Chad G

Nice facility, nice employees but it’s a business that promotes massive billing. I was so sad to begin with and they seem to know emotionally devastated people are willing to pay big-time. It almost felt like a big scam. Very disappointing. –Monica U

I have to say that they did save my little dog and I am very thankful.
I am how very upset with their costs and treatment when I got there. It took several hours before they had a care plan for my little dog and the deposit was 2,600 before they would give her a bandge or anything for pain. I left there at 4am in the morning and they were finally getting her something to cover up with and pain. If you ever do have to go there brace you’re self when you go to pick up your little buddy. They play on people’s emotions. –Crystal Z

Crazy expensive –Pensacola Persians

They do their job but are not at all personable and, in my opinion, rude and in it for the money. –Matthew R

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