Veterinary Emergency Referral Center Reviews Page 13

Horrible! Money hungry heartless people!! No interest in your pet all only interest in your wallet!! This place should be closed down in my opinion…my dog almost died after I ran out of money and she was forced to either come home seriously too ill or be put down…..another vet found her to be perfectly savable and she is almost well after only 24 hrs in their care. –Janita G

I’m not happy with the experience at this place.
It was most important my money than my dog. –Gabriela S

Worst place I’ve had to enc6. I took my dog there and the first words before they even looked at him were euthanize. They only care about the money and not the well being of the pet. The dr.kept insisting euthanize and it got to the point that I told her,do not say that word again.
This was Wednesday,today is Sunday and he is still alive,sick but alive.
These people here should be shut down,they are barbaric. –Jeff L

Dont go unless its dire. –James N

They only care about your money, they did nothing with my dog but they charged $800 dollars to do a surgery so I took my vet to other clinic who charged only $153.00 to do the surgery. To take my dog from this clinic I still had to pay $122.50 because $90 is the emergency fee so just letting you all know, it doesn’t worth because you will pay a lot and they will let you worried for 2 hours until they came with the bill. I asked them if I could make payments and they said NO!! I had to pay all in once so I had no choice but to pay only the $122.50 to take my dog away from this clinic!! I took my dog to another clinic, one who really care about DOGS, thanks GOD my dog had the surgery done and is fine. –Danniely C

Ridiculous! My mother waited 2 hours with my bleeding dog and no one came out to help!! Never take your animal here. They do not care about your pets well being. My mom ended up leaving and taking my pup somewhere else hoping all the time waiting at this place didn’t cause more damage to her condition. –Kate G

They wanted $2000 to suture a laceration. We left there and went to Animal Hospital of Pensacola and paid $451. You do the math. –Darrell H

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