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These people are nothing but schiesters! They take advantage of your love for your pets and only see the money they can get from you! When one takes their best furry friend into this facility, the staff and veterinarians prey on that love you have and they know you have no other choices on the weekend. They know they have you over a barrel and they delight in raping each person financially! NEVER NEVER TAKE YOUR PET TO THIS PLACE! –Debbie P

Upon arrival they took us in, and shoved him in a kennel in that state without my permission and I could hear him screaming down the hall . I ask to bring my dog into the treatment room they put me in and they left us there till we asked for discharge paperwork. The vet was also rude and short. Definitely not an animal lover.

DONT EVER GO HERE! Animal hospital of Pensacola got me in and out in under 45 minutes and the staff was so nice –Michael J

If i could give zero stars I would. Absolutely appalled at the way they treated my dog who was possible on the verge of dying. They let my dog get injured while he was at the back and because I couldn’t pay right away until the morning (since the banks were closed and I don’t have anyone to help me), they refused to help bandage him for what was THEIR mistake, and then they took back his medication they were going to give him to help clot his blood. Apparently the oath this staff goes by far different than that of someone who actually cares for animals and their well-being. When I mentioned this to the manager she continued to give me excuse after excuse and told me that they were not a lending company. So sad that I had to take my dog home not knowing if he would make it through the night. –Chelsea H

RUN! Seriously run. Took my dog in for parvo until my vet opened on Monday. They gave her back to me covered in poop, parvo is transferred through poop! Vet is very void of emotion and tried to run me for my money. I’d leave 0 stars if I could. NEVER COMING BACK EVER!!! Worst experience I’ve ever had hands down. This place is terrible! Wanted 3 grand for a two night stay bc my regular vet was closed on the weekend. My vet suggested this place bc it’s the only place open on Sunday around here. My dog was doing great with the treatment my vet was giving her but apparently that wasn’t good enough! They wanted X-rays and sedation and a tube down her nose and blood work and a fecal test (that was pending from my regular vet) and all kinds of shots. Then when they gave her back to me she was covered in poop and had poop matted into her fur! So disgusted with this place! –A k

They didn’t do anything. Charged us, they drugged up my cat and left him in a cage.
They had this big expensive plan to help him and they didn’t.

I think the people in the back are taking the sedatives. –For P

This is literally the worst place I have ever been in my life. Not only was the doctor (Acosta) completely rude, snippy and condescending, she was also inconsiderate of our emotions while my dog was on his death bed. We waited for three hours, then they took our dog back and kept him overnight. $2000 later they returned a still very sick dog and say he’s OK to go home. They are money hungry. Do not waste your time or money. If you love your pet take them to a different clinic. Also I’d like to mention that we never got an official diagnosis for my dog and they didn’t do the ONE procedure I (and my other vet) requested them to do. If my dog dies tonight, it’s on your conscience.
–Emily F.

My main issue was the wait time. I understand they were busy but my dog needed x-rays of his abdomen and then an ultrasound. I was there for eight and half hours.
Was told that there was a 90% chance my dog had cancer (2 months to live) based on a mass on the spleen and liver. Another ultrasound was done by the same place 6 days later and there was NOTHING abnormal. Caused a great deal of unnecessary heartache and $2,000 for a dog that was healthy. I would recommend another vet unless it is the weekend and you don’t have any other options. –Thomas C

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