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Too lazy to retype. This is a comment I posted on a friends status looking for a 24 hour clinic:
THEY ARE AWFUL. I had to get my dog euthanized there at like 1 am a few weeks ago, and was on the phone with them the entire car ride there and I had to jump behind the counter and scream for someone to help me get my bulldog out of the car as she was already dying. The receptionist was a HHHUUUUUUUGGGGEEEEE bitch. And they were so unhelpful and unsympathetic. It was like 400$ also and my dog was basically dead by the time they got around to giving her the shot…. id recommend literally any other emergency vet clinic over this place or stay with him until the morning and monitor his breathing and stuff…. they’re honestly the worst vets ever… –Jennifer A

Shit staff that just sits around and drinks coffee and when you ask about your dog they catch an attitude with you.

Also lies about drinking coffee.

Avoids questions and pushes you to spend more money.

All around bad place to go. Wish there were more 24/7 vets.

***Also, blonde ponytail prissy lady at the counter was a cunt.


A close relative to their very sick pet up there (in possibility) of putting him/her down recently and the staff was so rude, uncaring, and insensitive that they literally walked out the vet without seeing a doctor. Why would ANYONE want to take their animal here just to be treated like that when obviously the owners and upset / worried?

Do not go here. It isn’t worth the trouble. –Taylor P

One Star –Bo H

Offered them a $2,000 truck and endorsable civil $150 check and they refused treatment over a $90 payment for a snake bite on a family member that I truly adore as my wife because she is the only woman that has unconditional love they suck at being human I want them out of business it is my new mission in life I will do everything in my power to make this happen I will not go to jail but they will go broke –Chuck H

I took my dog in on Sunday and she only 16 month they wanted to put her down she and she is doing good at home she better they wanted to kill my dog I will never go there again they did not care for my dog never again I will bring any of my dogs there again –Erica M

One Star –Jennifer S

They don’t care more about the animals that are injured and dying than they do about the money they have to collect upfront before they’ll treat them. –Terry O

Very true. They won’t even refund the money they billed me in excess and admitted they owed it –Ryder O

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