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drs are suppose to help and do no harm… hospitals even bill u… i could see taking some upfront but some ppl dont have 10000s to just pull out all at once.. like here if u cant afford it leave or put ur animal to sleep.. –Shannon R

The vet emergency place is on Davis Hwy in Pensacola, fl. The sign reads VERC its 4800 Davis Hwy. Don’t go there, you will be sorry so will your pet. Any other vet any where else is better. –E B

they were horrendous, to both my pets, so did you get lucky? Or did they pay you to write this ? –R O

The fact that I’m told either we have the money to make sure my dog is okay or just hope he’ll be okay in the morning is beyond devastating. I do not understand how you’re an emergency room for pets but you have to pay all up front if you don’t qualify for a payment plan. It’s absolute bullshit. –Taylor H

So very sad this is the only emergency facility in Pensacola. I was with a friend who had to take her fur baby in a emergency situation on Friday, July 13th. The vet seemed to have no concern about the health issues until the $750.00 deposit was paid. We asked him several questions about what he thought the outcome would be. He refused to answer. Money was his main concern. Sad to say we left the clinic and lost our sweet girl the next morning. Show a little sympathy to clients instead of money being the main concern. Lesson learned from the first visit and will never go there again. –Norma S

I was at the Emergency clinic recently with a friend. Her fur baby was very sick. When the Doctor came in he was not friendly at all. The first thing he told her was she would have to put a $750.00 deposit down before he could do anything for her. He kept telling us the deposit needed to be paid! There were several of us in the room, we could not believe that he was talking about the money and no concern about her pet. It’s hard to believe this is the only emergency clinic in Pensacola! When there is an emergency with our pets that’s when the doctor needs to be very caring, not telling the client they need to pay a deposit before any medical service is done. I have never seen anyone treated so badly. I hope there will be changes at this place. Terrible service! –Nancy S

The place is incompetent, worthless, and the ONLY ER that charges PRIOR to services rendered. The lack of empathy tells you exactly why the OWNER is the way he is..GREED –JD

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