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When visiting the emergency vet this weekend the vet on duty (Jodi Acosta) was very unprofessional. She was rude and had horrible customer service. From the moment she walked into the room to speak with us, she immediately came in with an attitude, didn’t introduce herself, nor did she want to hear directly from us what brought us in that day. Her words when we were trying to say why we were in today were, ”I know the story”. Most vets want to here from the pet parent directly what brought us in. Additionally, we had been there before with the same pet and she didn’t seem to have even reviewed our pets record prior to seeing us. Each time we tried to speak on a topic, she would cut us off with a rude comment. We were waiting in the exam room for over an hour and a half before the vet even came in to see us. Usually if you go somewhere and the wait is considerably long, a staff member stops in your room to let you know they haven’t forgotten you and an estimated wait time.
If you need emergency vet services, I highly recommend you look elsewhere where you come across a vet that is kind, has compassion, is professional, and is actually customer service oriented. After all, a vet is in a customer service profession. Ms. Acosta, you need to work on your professionalism and customer service skills. –C P

I took my puppy there due to a bite would and they did nothing for us. they wouldn’t clean the wound or even look at it unless we paid an outrageous amount, so we decided to get some antibiotics and clean it ourselves then make an apportionment to take him to the vet on base. we paid $200 to see the vet (there’s a $110 fee just to be seen), some pain medicine, and some antibiotics. please choose another emergency vet clinic to take your pets to. this place is all about the money rather than the animals. –jaynah d

Awful! Rude and uncaring vet. They charged me a FEW hundred dollars and sent me home with pup in “grave” condition because I couldn’t afford to pay their overpriced overnight fee. The next vet charged me under 100,gave me what I needed for him, and saved the puppies life. What VERC couldn’t do for me, another vet did do! The vet also told me “it’s a shame. (like I shouldn’t have a dog if I can’t afford it), dogs cost money and people should consider that”. Shame on you! This is my third time there. The first time, they put the dog to sleep. The second time was a bad experience for me as well and ended taking my dog to another vet. This time is the third and final blow! Hard lesson learned and will not be going back! –Christine E

Terrible experience. When we made the difficult decision to euthansize our precious cat, we were forced to wait over an hour to take him home. They could not get our care credit cards to process even though they could see we had plenty available credit. We wrote a very large check and told we could COME BACK the next morning after calling credit card company. ( It was after hours) We had to write them a very large check before we could claim our cat’s body. We returned the next morning after card company told us there was absolutely NO reason our card should not have gone through. We had a nice and competent woman on the morning shift who had no problem processing our card but were told it would be 7-10 days before we would receive a check refund. Horrible to be forced to return immediately and stand and look at the room where we had just lost our beloved pet. It seemed to be about nothing but the money. Wish we had let our baby die at home or in our trusted vet’s care. –Sand M

The veterinarian was not helpful told me after spending 180$ for visit and a pain shot that i should go to my normal vet ( which couldn’t fit him in today for an emergency). after declining a 900 bill because my dog needed x-ray and blood work . Very rude people and unprofessional. The girl with blonde hair that works up front when you check out is rude and does not know how to talk professionally. Yelling at people on the phone. I would not recommend going here. –A H

Did absolutely nothing for my dog. I will not ever go again –Marilyn M

Make sure you’ve got $800 or otherwise they will turn you down for services. Our pup seemed to be having a seizure. We drove over an hour to get there and the invoice we were given was over $1200. They were supposed to keep our pup overnight and monitor her. When we showed up the following morning to pick her back up, they came to the conclusion that there was nothing wrong with her. We noticed that the bottoms of her paws were red and sore and much to our surprise the vet on duty didnt notice that either. Safe to say that when we left her there they put her in a cage and never monitored her progress while making us pay a hefty price for what was basically daycare. This place cares more about their nails and $$$ than they do the animal or the owner. –Nicole T

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