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I was told my dog had parvo even after a negative test. They told me it was 50/50 she would live. I paid an additional 350 for blood work that didn’t tell them anything. I took her to my vet on Monday and turned out she had hookworms. 1500 dollars should catch hookworm. They also thought my dog was a male after her spending all weekend there. –Luis A

Never a good time if y’all are going here, expect a long wait, expect another long wait when you get into a room, expect them to try and keep your dog overnight. Use your head, only do what your dog needs. –Ryan M

Very very very very RUDE and EXpensive
There is a better emergency Hospital
In Pensacola close to the airport –KT BugGifts

Left there still not knowing what was wrong with my dog She had a fever and was dehydrated was given nothing for her fever and no fluids The next day at my regular vet she was given something for her fever that she still had I was told exactly what was wrong with her and was told what should have been done instead of what was done And the prices I can understand it being a little bit higher because it is an emergency clinic but when they charge something that is 10 times higher than what it would have cost me at my regular vet that is just ridiculous –Anissa A

My fiance took our dog here because he had bloody stool and was throwing up blood. I had given him my card to pay for the services as I was working that day. We spent all weekend trying to keep our dog hydrated as all his symptoms pointed to parvo. They refused to treat or see our dog because the card was in my name. (Ok understandable on needing me with my ID) but not at all appropriate to refuse to treat to the animal when my fiance told them to hold his $600 in cash just till I got there so the dog could get the care he needed. It was all about them getting their money first. Once I got there it was like the whole staff was new and not trained or educated. They charged me $600 for a parvo test, 2 xrays and a stat reading and we still had no answers and the dog still had no fluids in him. When I did talk to the DVM Kristen Navarro the only 2 times she looked me in the eye was upon her introduction of herself and when she wanted to scold me but not call me a “bad puppy mom” for telling her we tried to keep him hydrated and advised her I had given him chicken broth for nutrients. She advised me there were onions and garlic in it (No there isnt! It’s swanson’s gluten free) and it’s not good for the dog and proceeded to go back to telling my fiance our dog had tested negative for parvo and the xrays they were not able to definitively see anything but they suspected he had something lodged in his esophagus and they wanted to keep him overnight do some more xrays in the morning for another $1500. That gut feeling something was not right here kicked in and I called Scenic Hills which is where we should have taken him to begin with. Our pup stayed at Scenic Hills for 5 to 6 days our total bill was just over $1000 for all those days of care & treatment and antibiotics. They offer a payment plan. They CARE about your pet. NO XRAYS NEEDED. NOTHING IN THE ESOPHAGUS. Hook worms & Parvo. We wasted $600 going to the VERC. You heard other people at scenic hills talking with the same issues. Huge bill at the VERC, only about money not animal care and no resolution to the issue. Uneducated and inexperienced. Horrible service never will we use this place again. Thanks to Scenic hills our pup is home doing good. I recommend going to Scenic hills and avoid this place altogether if you can. –Brandy P

If I could rate this place in the negatives I would. The absolute WORST SERVICE I have EVER HAD . Waited 4 hours while EVERY single person that came in before or after me went back and then when I did get put into a room still waited another 30 minutes for someone to STILL not even come and check on my dog. The staff must have NEVER been trained in customer service. Everyone was rude and unhelpful. I then left and called and was hung up on 11 times. Please just close down and learn how to treat your customers. You need extensive training in customer service. –emderslave

They wanted to charge an arm and leg to help my dying dog. I think any place that wants to rip you off when you’re grieving your dog should be ashamed. I wouldn’t recommend them. –Emderslave T

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