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Do not bring your animals here i lost a litter of pups needed an emergency c sec. Done they said will kill my dog 3x as much as a reg. Vet no payment plan if your not rich they will offer politely to kill your dog or cat. But the nurse did tell me a good place to go i got it done but only one survived because of the hrs its open –De W

$209 to euthanize our 18 year old Dachshund who began seizing late at night. My vet would have been less than 1/2. I understand it’s a business but they’ve got you over a barrel. –Buck C

Was referred to them by local vet, called 9 times trying to get help for my kitten, no answer and no help, they were just rejecting my calls when I needed help –Jill W

WILL NEVER GO HERE AGAIN!! If I could give 1 star I would. Absolutely the worst. My jack russell got into a fight. She needed stitches and had a broken jaw. They quoted total of $3800, 1100 just for stitches and remaining on the broken jaw. We left sedated with pain medication and went to the vet the next morning. Total at the vet’s office was $385. I am seriously blown away. –Megan B

Took my 11 year old dog in who had gotten in a fight with our bigger dog. Got there at 6:30. Finally got back into a room at 9pm. Waited another 30 minutes for someone to come in a and ask me the same questions I’ve already answered twice! Another 20 or so the vet finally comes in and says she needs to be sealed up but in order to that she needs to be sedated but they also need to run blood work on her kidneys and liver because she is an older dog. Ok understandable. We ask her if shes stable enough to go to our vet in the morning and she said that would be okay and shell just give her a pain shot. After 4 and a half hours later some drugged up assistant brought my dog back in the same position!! For one she couldnt even read our discharge paper correctly because she was clearly on something as were a couple of the other girls. The fact that they didnt even clean my dogs wounds off or wrap them up is beyond ridiculous!!!

Did not trust my dog to be sedated there the minute i walked in. From the reviews i wonder how many animals have been unnecessarily put down. Ridiculous. WILL NOT BE BACK. AND THEY ARE NOT AN EMERCENY CENTER. YOU ARE BETTER OFF WAITING TO TAKE THEM TO DECENT AND EDUCATED VETERINARIAN!

Update: took her to my normal vet and said if they would of sealed her wound up on her like they wanted to do on her stomach then it would of abscessed. Do not trust this place. –Dani G

Really regretting not reading these reviews first. Trust the 1 stars they are accurate. My fault for even walking through those doors. Money over everything for this place. Jordi D

We took our black lab in because he was retaining fluids and having difficulty breathing. The vet took x rays and determined from them it was cancer. She recommended putting him to sleep because he would probably not make it through the night. She had my 85 yr old grandmother in tears believing it was the only option. I disagreed and recommended that we take him to our vet the next morning for a second opinion. I could not understand how she determined it was cancer from just an x ray. Luckily my grandmother came to her senses and took my recommendation. Our vet ruled out cancer through examination and blood work. He concluded it was a heart problem which can be treated with medication. Its been a month now and our lab is back to his normal self following my grandma like a shadow.
They lacked compassion and gave me the impression it was all about the $$$$. –John D

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