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They found a tumor on the spinal cord of our best friend and recommended putting him down because of the prognosis. We went to say goodbye and they wouldn’t let us in the building together nor could we be with him when he was put down. My wife and I have no closure because of this and the emotional distress is intense. They have no compassion and one of the office staff was totally rude. I will never set foot in there again and nobody else should either.
My review: overpriced and heartless.

–Will N, Google Reviews

0 stars should be an option. Dog jumped off a bed and injured his leg — have been waiting for four hours at this point for them to come in and say “he needs pain medicine and an X-ray. But it will be at least another hour before we can give him an X-ray.” No communication, no sense of urgency. Save yourself the trouble — go anywhere but here.

–Alex G, Google Reviews

This is a great service to have but they are quite rude unprofessional and disrespectful to their clients (not the animals that I saw, but you don’t see the animals or even your own being checked).

And the wait is so long…you sit in a room and wait and wait and wait. It took them four hours to finally come see my dog, check him in the back and return him to me. I wish there was someone else with 24 hour service in the area. They would run circles around this place.

I almost want to find a venture capitalist or fund a competitor myself. Animals are too precious and they treat the whole experience as just a commodity. Shameful. But what are you going to do when it’s the only one in town.

–Jay R, Google Reviews

Awful, rude, uncaring and unprofessional.

–Barry M, Google Reviews

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